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Thread: Niggers the evolution failure. 

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    Angry2 Niggers the evolution failure.

    I was just wondering about the real purpose for niggers . If you look at the history of the earth things that are obsolete like dinosaurs and other creatures become extinct after there usefulness is no longer needed . 400 thousand years ago the blacks crawled out of the swamps . From this some time later a group broke off and went their own way . This was the beginning of the intelligent race of people . They went on to invent, form societies, build cities and engage in a multitude of other useful things we have to this day . Every race on earth has accomplished this, except for one. The only thing they are good for is destruction . Rape. Murder .
    Of the race that has built them shelters . Fed them give them free medical . And welfare. They burn our cities. Kill our citizens. Rape our women . And then have the audacity to ask for more . This is my opinion but I think evolution missed an extinction.

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    Niggers-!the reason evolution stopped! Y’all wanna end up like them??? Ah hell no the rest of the herd said- so that stopped any further development

    DRIVE ON!!!!

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    Joel Coddler-Harris
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    The word evolution should never, under any circumstances, be used in the same sentence as niggers unless it's some kind of particularly sarcastic joke.

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