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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 05-19-2021
    Cracker Power
    Not quite the Nig Lotto sweepstake, but a free gibs SUV is not to be sniffed at through a yak nostril.
  • 05-19-2021
    Let's see the nigger work enough to pay for the gas.
  • 05-18-2021
    Guest Poster
    More free shit for niggers
  • 05-15-2021
    Guest Poster
    You have to laugh.

    Libtards never buy their Indian colleagues new cars. Nor do they do it for their Korean, Chinese, Pakistani colleagues etc. They only ever do it for their nigger ones which begs the question, why do they discriminate like they do?. The answer being that they have concluded that their nigger colleagues are simply unable to do what everyone else can do hence the different approach and treatment provided.

    Now, of course, we non-libtards also reach that conclusion about niggers as well but the difference is we get attacked for it whilst libtards get praised for it.

    Its a funny old world.
  • 05-15-2021
    Dred Scott
    It will still have plenty of excuses for showing up late and missing work.
  • 05-15-2021
    Chalky White
    Buy the old nigger and the rest of its' fambly a ticket on an unseaworthy boat to Da Muddaland, not a new hooptie.
  • 05-15-2021
    Tired of Them
    I hope he drives it off a cliff.
  • 05-15-2021
    Napa hater
    Show of hands on how many people think the tag will be transferred,and insurance! Anybody???? I wonder if the car had complimentary pawgun , and fordee holders
  • 05-15-2021
    Oh good, now it will still be able to perform drive-by's and hit and runs.
  • 05-15-2021
    “ Citronelle High School custodian Samuel James was forced to start walking to work, and told principal Randy Campbell that he would have to save up to replace his vehicle’s blown engine.”

    Maybe if the jig changed the oil, the engine would still be working.
  • 05-15-2021

    Nigger lovers buy buck janitor a brand new hooptie

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