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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 03-03-2021
    Non N-Person
    Might as well just change Brixton to Nigston and be done with it.
  • 03-03-2021
    Guest Poster
    To add to my above comment. Iím not attacking Americans, just trying to clear up the often confused idea that having a nigger population in ones own country makes that country and people a nigger loving population. A viewpoint I have seen aired many times before from Americans in general, who should really know better all things considering.

    Most of the time a nigger presence by and large is not the will of the people living there and is often enacted by the minority against the majority and it is either a burden forced upon them from the past, (America), or it is a bane and burden forced upon them in the present(Europe/Asia).

    The end result is the same however. That being that ones own country can have niggers in it but still not be nigger loving in general.

    Like I said though, you yanks currently have Biden. A man who fondles children and sniffs their hair on live TV. A man who talks about giving niggers social, political and financial reparations and advantage. A man who attacks whiteness and white history all the time and has a son who is equally corrupted to the core.

    The next five years are going to be hell for you sane, nigger hating Americans thatís for sure and I wish you the best of luck and hope to fuck you can overcome it.
  • 03-01-2021
    Guest Poster
    To be fair, the UK in general doesnít love niggers. Brexit wouldnít have happened if we did. Only London, Manchester and Edinburgh can be said to be major proponents of open-boarders nigger loving far-left liberalism because they by and large voted for it. The rest of the UK however voted to end such shit.

    To consider the UK nigger loving under such circumstances then is to declare America in general nigger loving just because San Francisco, Washington and Seattle vote liberal each and every time. A gross exaggeration no matter the standard.

    I like you yanks so I donít want to get into a fight with you on here but lets face it your paedophile dementia suffering China/Ukraine owned sell-out President Biden and his equally sickening paedophile son Hunter will cause far more damage to you and your people than our born rich, bumbling blond dickhead Boris Johnson ever will to us.

    Currently Brexit Britain is moving more and more away from the far-left each and every day. The opposite is true of America however and I wish it wasnít so.
  • 03-01-2021
    Napa hater
    Chimpmania- the cure for nigger fatigue!
  • 03-01-2021
    I'm really not sure who though filling the UK with niggers was a great idea?
  • 03-01-2021
    Chalky White
    We really should have listened more to dear old Enoch Powell
  • 03-01-2021
    Guest Poster
    Niggers always tear up everything . Hell if the were in the garden of Eden . They would destroy it too. They All should have stayed in africoon and let them destroy that continent . But no the Black plaque is in all corners of the world . Turning it into a shit hole . But that's what niggers do best. Maybe there are some aliens from another planet that will love dark meat . We can only hope. Niggers the Worlds plague.
  • 02-27-2021
    Joel Coddler-Harris
    There should be no black in the Union Jack. Fuck off, niggers
  • 02-27-2021

    Nigger loving uk

    Thank God I found this site to vent my anger!..."NIGGER LOVING UK, NIGGER LOVING UK, NIGGER LOVING UK"..That's Better! 50 years of living in London and watching my City slowly being destroyed by the Nigger infestation is really hurting me. It's so sad now it is like a Jungle out there!! The young clueless Coal Burners walking down the street with a coon in arm like it's the Normal thing to do?..You go out for shopping and Every supermarket are coon workers, Every postal worker a Coon worker, Every delivery driver a Coon worker!...The Leftie Nigger loving Coddlers have ruined my UK I once knew. It is very sad to see London disintegrate before my eyes! I remember a Good old days of London!..I know America has its own Nigger Problem?...Now I know how you all feel!

    Cheers and happy bashing!

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