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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 05-08-2021
    Uncool Buck
    The 1995 original despicable mis-use of celluloid, 'Bad Boys' and it's even more horrendous sequels are obnoxious, moronic, god awful piles of nigger-glorifying ass barf, so to say that the British knock-off 'Bullet Proof' looks shit is quite the statement to make!
  • 05-08-2021
    Chalky White
    This is the only good thing to come out of the new series of Doctor Woke.
  • 05-08-2021
    Us real fans call the BBC woke reboot Nurse Who (as of the latest "doctor") and it has been nothing but pandering to niggers, poofters and wimminz anyway. Just like American MSM, nothing good comes from the BBC anymore. Throw your TV to the curb and improve your life.
  • 05-08-2021
    TNB is the downfall of yet another "magic negro".
  • 05-08-2021
    Tired of Them
    I'm unbelievably pleased that this annoying fucking nigger has been outed as a sex pest. I've never been into Dr. Who and had no idea this spook was an intergalactic groid that had featured in the show. But he has been in a few other things, none of which I've seen, I just know his annoying nigger face from British TV. There is some shit-looking British rip-off of 'Bad Boys' starring him and some other intolerable nigger twat that keeps getting advertised over here. I'm trying hard to think if I've ever actually seen anything with him in it. Erm...nope, I've seen him being interviewed and that's about it. Anyhow...I'm enthused to hear he's a stereotypical nigger sex pest and look forward with relish to him being persona non grata in media circles. I'm hoping he is accused of more than just unwanted advances in the coming weeks and months.
  • 05-07-2021
    Booney N.
    Hopefully, this muh dikery will put the tin lid on it's "career" as just another talentless token nigger stankin' up British teebee screens
  • 05-07-2021

    Dr. Who'c Noel Clarke accused of TNB

    Hey Britain, are you tired of the nigger worship yet?

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