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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 3 Days Ago
    Guest Poster
    Some of it is that niggers usually think they're better than other niggers. OJ Chimpson, for example, thought he belonged with whites and that few other niggers did. The only niggers he associated with were rich pro athletes. Niggers like him not only think they're better than other niggers, but better than whites too.
  • 3 Days Ago
    Chalky White
    Why such a powerful word? Well, the word nigger is, to humans, like the universal warning symbols used to denote hazards in workplaces or diplayed on potentially very dangerous products like chainsaws. Most humans will instinctively heed the warning and diligently observe Rule #1. The ones that don't are called coddlers, so fuck them, they deserve what they get
  • 4 Days Ago
    Guest Poster
    It certainly does appear to be Orwell’s doublethink, from our perspective that is. It may even be doublethink in origin, purpose and practice because a lot of this shit is pushed by our very own race traitors and injected into the minds of the nog. However. Is it really doublethink from the nigger’s perspective?.

    A libtard can be born from indoctrination and often are in fact due to the leftwing bias and cult like behaviour of our schools nowadays but can a nigger?. Do they even possess a ample enough mind to be influenced by such things?.

    When one looks at the details of doublethink it does mimic that which gets pushed in white first world educational institutions nowadays with the main thrust being that people are being manipulated into learning doublethink and Newspeak via peer pressure and a desire to fit in and/or gain status within the group/cult.

    The above does describe libtards but does it describe niggers?. When have niggers ever cared about fitting in or group identity?. They tend to be extremely individualistic in so far as they care about nothing but themselves at all times and will even reject their own offspring if it gets in the way of their hedonistic lifestyle.

    If you ask me then it is more a case of simple hypocrisy on their part. An hypocrisy that goes unnoticed by them for the most part due to them having no self reflection/self critique ability.

    Put simply, they hold contradictory and conflicting beliefs because they are too stupid to realise the nature of such positioning. They just think “Dat beez my truths and dey be rite and u beez wrong” because their “minds” operate on nothing but intermittent brain farts at any given time.

    If there is a bigger agenda at play its not theirs as they are just hedonistic husks led by their own frantically twitching loins. That they are being used like a biological weapon by others is undeniable though.
  • 4 Days Ago
    Guest Poster
    It's called doublethink, which is a word that George Orwell coined. It means the ability to believe two mutually exclusive concept simultaneously. Nigger have very high self-esteem, yet they also know that staying among themselves will only penalize them because of their kind's inherent shortcomings.

    When a nigger gets money the first thing he'll do is to buy a house among white people, although he demeans whites. He'll also demand that his children (if he pays any attention to them) be enrolled in schools with white children. He'll become a customer of white-owned businesses and seek sexual relationships with whites.

    This would be funny if it weren't so awful.
  • 4 Days Ago
    Guest Poster
    “Which is basically saying even niggers themselves know we are absolutely bang-on right about them.”

    Well…yes and no. On an instinctive subconscious level they know what they are and that we are right about them but on the conscious level they are completely in denial for the most part which is why they focus so much on appearances for appearances sake but because they are unable to understand and mimic actual deep-down human character they end up in uncanny valley whereby they appear similarly human upon the quickest of glances (when one takes in nothing but the flimsiest of appearances that is, as libtards so often do) but upon looking past the clothes and the affirmative action titles you are drawn towards the inevitable conclusion that yep, it’s a monkey in a suit.

    To further the point on subconscious/conscious behaviour it is quite telling that the actions of a nigger always seem to be the complete opposite of the ideals which they claim to hold. For instance, they claim to hate whitey and yet can’t seem to get enough of us. They are always stalking us everywhere and depending upon us for everything whilst simultaneously telling us they hate our guts. The nigger males claim to love their black queens but then always chase after every other race of women but their own. The list goes on and niggers still even today complain about the times of slavery when whitey forced them into cramped conditions on boats and took them from “beautiful mother Africa” to the evil white lands and yet just look at the modern nigger rapefugees who place themselves into cramped conditions on boats and take themselves away from “beautiful mother Africa” to the evil white lands.

    To understand niggers then you must learn to read backwards. Start at the endpoint first and work backwards towards the beginning knowing full well that whatever the endpoint was is the summation and conclusion of the actual ideal they truly held and not the one they held for appearances sake.

    Niggers know what they are then for sure and they also know that we are right about them but they refuse to come out of the closet because that closet provides them with the shade required for their deception.
  • 4 Days Ago
    Chalkie White
    Which is basically saying even niggers themselves know we are absolutely bang-on right about them.
  • 5 Days Ago
    Tired of Them
    What a wonderful post that is above mine. Bravo!
  • 1 Week Ago
    Guest Poster
    “It's origin is simple enough. It was just a slightly mispronounced form of the Spanish word "negro," which means "black." In the beginning it had no negative connotations.

    The word because negative only because the the nature of the species it referred to. Thus it came to mean indolent, uncooperative, violent, irresponsible, thieving, grossly promiscuous and so forth.”

    Yeah. Exactly what this poster said.

    Niggers and rainbow libtards (nigger lovers from all non-nigger racial backgrounds) often attempt to use the term “whites” in a negative way. White supremacy, white society white privilege etc. It fails though because people look at nigger countries run by and for niggers and it resembles an overflowing toilet clogged up with the foulest of shit and like the bog of eternal stench from the movie Labyrinth the smell never leaves the turd people no matter how far they travel away from it which of course stands in stark contrast to the white people they’re attempting to belittle and undermine.

    Put simply. White society and therein “whites” is an infinitely better world than nigger land which is why people risk life and limb and will do anything to get to white countries and why they will also do anything to escape nigger ones.

    If niggers were not what they are the word nigger would conform to no such stereotype and would hold no such power. Negative connotations then only ever truly work when the physical reality matches the image presented and the meaning suggested, which it does for niggers.
  • 1 Week Ago
    Booney N.
    Niggers and their coddlers have plenty of "powerful" wurds in their figurative arsenal, like slabbery, gibs, I's dindu nuffins, blame YT and the mighty, wins-all-debates-no-matter-how-logical-and-reasonable-the-opposing-views-are, rayciss, whenever dey start to feels all aggrieved an' sheeit, which is all the fucking time.
  • 1 Week Ago
    From what I remember they really started getting sensitive about it around the time the OJ trial was going on. That Fuhrman made a tape saying it and in order to repeat it on TV, since the trial was being televised, they said N word. That is the first I heard of it.
  • 1 Week Ago
    Uncool Buck
    Nigger - the definitive adjective for all that's useless, lazy, dishonest, ugly, filthy, malodorous, rape-happy and savagely violent
  • 1 Week Ago
    Guest Poster
    It's origin is simple enough. It was just a slightly mispronounced form of the Spanish word "negro," which means "black." In the beginning it had no negative connotations.

    The word because negative only because the the nature of the species it referred to. Thus it came to mean indolent, uncooperative, violent, irresponsible, thieving, grossly promiscuous and so forth.
  • 3 Weeks Ago
    Guest Poster
    “Why is it so powerful? Because white liberals made it so”

    “The word "nigger" probably wasn't even originally an "offensive" word, it was merely a human's horrified, visceral, gut reaction to seeing the feral shit beasts from Hell for the first time”.

    You are both right. The Chinese as a counter example referred to the whites as “Gweilo” (ghost/devil) when they first came across them. Fast forward to today however and it as been modified into a non-offensive term meaning “foreigner” (as in not Chinese) due to mutual respect and mutually beneficial relations and action.

    The Chinese, and everyone else, still uses the term nigger though when referring to niggers because it fits and has not yet been disputed or dispelled due to their own consistently stereotypical behavior.

    To conclude. They are the very things they themselves contest, as evidenced by the behaviors which have led to their upkeep.
  • 4 Weeks Ago
    Cracker Power
    The word "nigger" probably wasn't even originally an"offensive" word, it was merely a human's horrified, visceral, gut reaction to seeing the feral shit beasts from Hell for the first time, merrily TNB'ing in Da Muddaland, prior to the disastrous decision to ship them en masse to human countries as labor. Needless to say, all us Chimpmaniacs know the coonclusion to that sorry story
  • 4 Weeks Ago
    Why is it so powerful? Because white liberals made it so. If it wasn't for white liberals, niggers wouldn't probably be as pissed. These idiot libtards coddle and enable their TNB.
  • 03-26-2021
    Joel Coddler-Harris
    The main lesson taught on Chimpmania is: Avoid the groid, aka Rule # 1. Libtard coddlers will never learn this. Good. Niggers perform a valuable service for intelligent humans in thinning out that particular heard of morons and have thus earned their subsequent gibs muh scholarship to almost as much as the nest clearing niggers (at least the ones who don't self-goodify before apeprehension, that is)
  • 03-26-2021
    Guest Poster
    “I will laugh my proud white human ass off (and no doubt so would the rest of Chimpmania) when one of these delusional fuck-wits inevitably gets mauled and muh dik'ed to goodness by one (or a pack) of their pet feral faecal monkeys”.

    It happens all the time Coddler-Harris and unfortunately it hasn’t changed anything yet. Which is not that surprising really considering that the dead cannot talk and thus dissuade the currently living and for obvious reasons.

    The above is why this website (Chimpmania) is needed then because the dead, despite the aforementioned, can indeed communicate and teach lessons to others. Albeit posthumously rather than actually.
  • 03-25-2021
    Joel Coddler-Harris
    I will laugh my proud white human ass off (and no doubt so would the rest of Chimpmania) when one of these delusional fuck-wits inevitably gets mauled and muh dik'ed to goodness by one (or a pack) of their pet feral faecal monkeys when it gets butt hurt by the l'tarded coddler's use of the nigger word taken completely the wrong way, because of the jigs's noted lack of grasping coontext and pretty much any other activity requiring of higher brain functions.
  • 03-24-2021
    Guest Poster
    In the above I agree with you Joel Coddler-Harris. Within and around white libtards is where the word “nigger” has and currently holds and creates the most “cause and effect” socio-political additions/changes to first world white western society. Not the low IQ shucking and jiving niggers pretending to be intelligent by wearing fake glasses and posing in front of a book shelf etc. Nor the successful athletic/sports/movie niggers who refuse to date their own race and always chase after and date/marry a whitey instead despite claiming to be “racially proud”.

    To conclude. Niggers are braindead, destructive, dangerous, lazy, smelly rape apes indeed and you can add self-hating white worshiping, house-nigger charlatans to that as well.

    Like you said then, Its the white libtards who empower such things and without them niggers would just be evidenced for what they actually are. In fact, the only use such worthless low IQ black beasts have in libtard socio-political circles nowadays is in their day to day “tribal” socio-political positioning and value and that itself changes constantly all thanks to modern day libtardom.
  • 03-22-2021
    Joel Coddler-Harris
    Niggers are just braindead, destructive, dangerous, lazy, smelly rape apes, right enuff, but the true power of the nigger word resides in the addled brains of coddling NL libtards and the extra virtue signalling points they can score coondemning it's (justified) useage by normal, sensible humans.
  • 03-22-2021
    Guest Poster
    To add to my other comments I made, niggers only care about “respect” and “disrespect”. Not the words, the sounds or the context. Just the respect/disrespect perceived in each and every situation.

    In the above niggers have attacked and killed others over lots of ridiculous shit many times before. Making eye contact. Not making eye contact. Speaking to them. Not speaking to them. Helping them. Not helping them so on and so forth.

    Lets be honest here then. In a world where niggers reside in many different countries with many different languages and words and context the fact that they all still behave the exact same way and all still chimp out over the exact same things proves that words mean nothing to them. That the word “nigger” itself holds no power over them other than its presented sociological position and truth. The word nigger itself as an American term and sociological position is even replaceable by many other contemporary American formats such as coon, golliwog, jig, porch ape/pavement ape and jungle bunny etc.

    Add to the above all the other words used to describe the “nigger” throughout the world by all the various peoples and it becomes apparent that words are nothing compared to the images, behaviours and connections they evoke.
  • 03-21-2021
    Guest Poster
    I just plain love saying nigger, you dumb niggers.
  • 03-20-2021
    Guest Poster
    I understand where you’re coming from in response to my comment Joel Coddler-Harris and I also agree with you that without us supporting and propping them up niggers would still be Proto-Sapiens in every sense of the term, both behaviour wise and in language use. In fact even with our help they still prefer to rape rather than woo and consensually copulate and they still communicate in nothing but clicks and grunts, albeit understood nowadays to be a natural and protected behaviour for them but a form of white supremacist action and expectation by us to even question it.

    Anyway. To the point. Semantics do indeed mean nothing to a nigger because niggers don’t understand such things at all. You could change the word nigger to smigger, migger, mig, mied, po, dum or jum and it would still cause chimp-outs amongst niggers due to what it portrays rather what sound it produces per its linguistic structure.

    Take the word “boy” for example. An innocent word by any and all standards and phonologically different in every single language and yet refer to a nigger as a boy regardless of language and it will still take the exact same position of offence taken and inevitable chimp-out.

    To conclude. It may at first indeed appear to be phonetic in nature but the truth is that self-image governs the receptive nature of any and all semantic arguments of and for the nigger.
  • 03-19-2021
    Joel Coddler-Harris
    I have to respectfully disagree that words mean nothing to niggers, on the coontrary, any word, that has been developed by sophisticated humans no less, are but another reminder to niggers just how astronomically thick they are, which is where the real source of offence at being called nigger lies. Left to their own primitive (am I ridiculously overestimating the shit ape species there?) devices, they would have no languange at all, just a series of clicks, bix noods, thrown excrement and muh dik.
  • 03-19-2021
    Guest Poster
    The word itself means little to them. After all. Niggers call each other nigger all the time, as a term of “endearment” or a form of “take-back” control. However. What it actually portrays to everyone else means everything to them which is why they get so upset about it all.

    Its the same with nigger “stereotype” about niggers having big muhdik They can get behind that. Its a positive statement to them and they back and support it. Talk about niggers’ low IQ though and propensity towards violence and not only do they reject it they attack the mere mention of it.

    To conclude. Words mean nothing to niggers. Image means everything to them though.
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