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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 12-04-2020
    They DO EVERYTHING they can to annoy whitey. That is the deliberate intention of their efforts to get into the penitentiary. *That is to say, to get back onto the plantation.

    As it is, leaving the plantation just ain't right, anyways. And deep down inside, their brains and their bodies know what their minds don't.

    ( *lt's just that these days...they need to be on the plantations over in Central Western Africa.)
  • 12-04-2020
    You know, it seems like niggers just do every damn thing they can to get the police after them. They must really enjoy a good shock from the taser or firm knee in the neck from time to time to shake up the monotony of a life with nothing to do but smoke crack and wait for their next piece of KFC. Deep down, they probably long for the structure their lives once had on the plantation, therefore they do everything they can to get the next closest thing, which is life in the penitentiary.
  • 12-04-2020
    Guest Poster
    Speaking of niggers and dat cRap moozik…my neighbor gets packages about every week from a certain huge online retailer, and the delivery drivers always tend to be niggers. They'll pull up to his house blasting their boon beats as loud as possible in the delivery van. Even with my windows closed, I can almost make out the ooking nigger babble in the "songs" because it's so loud. Then, these fecal demons will sit there for at least five minutes playing wiff dat majikal sail foam n' sheeit before driving off. You'd think they would have the common courtesy to turn down their jigaboo jams when they pull up to the house, but of course we're dealing with a species that has about two pennies in their mental bank account and very little impulse control. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's almost like niggers purposely try to annoy humans as much as possible.
  • 12-03-2020
    Cracker Power
    Chalk it up to the nigger's tendency to mis-hear certain human words, especially the ones pertaining to rules and laws, which, as libtards know, are keeping the race of kangz down. So, when an LEO pulls a hooptie over and axes to see a nig-nog's licence, it sounds like "lice" to a monkey ear - "yes sur, weez habs lice!"
  • 12-03-2020
    Napa hater
    Dem lawz hold us down an sheeit! Fuckin niggers!
  • 12-03-2020
    nikka nikka
    well let's face it, after all we ARE dealing with self-entitled niggeR 'mentalities.'

    it understands muhdah, mUd-diK/mud-pooosie, muggery, cocoa-buttuH, doo-ragz, bahgabawl, chiggum wangs, waddymelon, grApe drAnk, sling'n rockz, huff'n dUh jenkemz, doin' dUh drive-by wit daHt AK, McNiggeRsribz and dUh GIBS.

    ( and as has been clearly demonstrated as of late, some of the more industriously affluent entrepreneurial papi-bucks ( this would be the pappy's with soaringly high IQs { 20+ } and fresh out of Mensa and whom ) have begun home school'n dEy lil' sprog offspringz as to the particulars and as regards the ins and outs of dEy fambly bidneth.)

    now, haven't they all come a long, long ways...IMPRESSIVE !!!
    ( bananas and coconuts all 'round.)

    so, whitey...any questions ?
  • 12-03-2020
    The Confederate
    It's a good thing because it gives the Popo probable cause to wrangle them !
  • 12-03-2020
    Chiggun Nuggus
    Duh laws beez rayciss an' sheeit. Drivin' beez a black cybal right, nigguh doen's needs no licence fo' dat!
  • 12-03-2020
    Rip Tide
    Laws are fo' YTs.
  • 12-02-2020
    Dred Scott
    Its because their licenses are suspended for unpaid fines/outstanding warrants. They know if they try to get their hooptie legal, its off to NU.
  • 12-02-2020
    hoot-hoot aeh it iz...

    ahh, yes indeed...lookit awl dUh boomtown ratz awl up-Pity in coontown..!

    (l've heard it said, that...
    his homies rolled-uP
    when he knock'd that hoe up...

    but then...
    his homies rolled out,
    when he knock'd that ho out..! )
  • 12-02-2020
    You know what that loud sound is coming from nigger hoopties? COON COON COOOOON, COON COON COOOOON!
  • 12-02-2020
    You can always tell if a nigger is around you, you can hear the Boom, boom crap noise coming from their hooptie a mile away. ya hear the noise, look and sure enough, it's a filthy NIGGER!!
  • 12-02-2020
    Tired of Them
    Same in Britain. But pulling a nigger over is white supremacy! Until he flattens an elderly human or child in his nigger wagon.
  • 12-02-2020
    nigger time

    Niggers and Tags

    Why can't niggers ever purchase tags(registration) for their nigger mobiles? While most of the rest of us humans obey the laws and understand why we're arrested/fined when we don't, niggers never have current registration/insurance for their hoopdee. Big nigger rims, pure black tint, ridiculous and gaudy aftermarket acc, those are always there. But current plates/tags, na fugget that. You're lucky if it's even their car! I stay the hell away from these vehicles as much as possible, though it's funny watching a nigger roll a blunt and drive with his knees while bobbing his head to da beatz.

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