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  1. MARTA officer accused of sending explicit texts
  2. Muh dik tape with 14 yr old on Facebook
  3. Teenaper muh diks 10 yr old
  4. Texas Gang Rape NIGGERS Appear In Court
  5. 2 10 Year-Old Niggers Rape 8 Year-Old Male Nigger On School Bus
  6. "Wanted" rapist tries to pick up female cop, ends up getting aperested
  7. Parolee returning to Nigger U for muh diking
  8. Two "Sailors" Charged With Sexual Apesault on Teen
  9. Caught: apelleged serial rapist in San Francisco
  10. Muh diker eeked he was high on drugs
  11. Police ask "Delta" muh diker to turn itself in
  12. Cruise ship apeployee muh diks 14 yr old
  13. Two aperested in gang muh dik
  14. 14 yr old youf wanted for two rapes
  15. Nigger's up early
  16. Feral muh diker released
  17. Nighunt on for feral muh diker
  18. Woman muh diked as she slept next to boyfriend
  19. Dumb nigger duped by victim
  20. "Teacher" arrested for muh diking a student
  21. Turned Out - Sexual Assault (Muh Dik) Behind Bars
  22. Nigger spreading AIDS
  23. Wrestler gets 32 yrs for HIV muh diking
  24. Niggers trying to copy University sex scandals (nig lotto?)
  25. 6 1/2 yrs for muh diking a human woman
  26. Shebeast muh cootchied "disabled" 15 yr old
  27. Down low "Pastor" muh diked an 8 yr old
  28. Lezzboon muh cootchies passed out shebeast
  29. Four aperested for muh diking in school bathroom
  30. Groid beats and muh diks 94 yr old
  31. She opened the door and let the muh diker in
  32. Folajuwoni Ajayi Molested Female Patients While They Were Unconscious, Took Pics/Vide
  33. Affirmtive Action Nigger Dr Rapes Patients
  34. Mudfoot Clone Rapes 5 year old
  35. Fort Lauderdale nigger youf pastor faces more charges of molesting little banana boys
  36. Tyree & Bionca be da pimps
  37. Nigger charged with rape of 13-year-old girl
  38. Niggers doing what niggers do best
  39. Hare-raisin’ ‘perv’ : Teach-aide ‘porn pix’ with kids
  40. Down low deputy muh diks an inmate
  41. Spanking his muh dik in a Caddy at the jail
  42. Nigger CO muh diks female inmates
  43. Jail deputy muh cootchies an inmate
  44. Goat's 'Sounds of Distress' Snare African Rapist
  45. Pimp solicits bail via Facebook
  46. Cameroon import molests 5 yr old niglet
  47. Sexual Assault
  48. Another day, another filthy nigger rapist
  49. Another chimp child freak
  50. Muh diker on probation at it again
  51. Muh dikers sought for two day muh dikings
  52. Arrested 4 times in 3 months for Muh-Diking!!!!!!WTF
  53. Missing teen found during ho bust
  54. Child molestors
  55. say it isn't so, a black racist? I did not know they exsisted
  56. "Being Raped By a Gang is Normal" says South London Muddess
  57. Philly middle school bucks sexually assault sisters
  58. Nigroit Shool board member jerks off during meeting
  59. Tag team B&E niggers kidnap and take turns raping 4 y/o sheboon.
  60. orangutan parades muh-dik in Kohls store.
  61. 4 blacks arrested for kidnap/sexual assault at Mardi Gras
  62. Nigger muh diks a 3 year old
  63. Nigger deputy rapes inmates
  64. Four of a kind: Mardi Gras muh dikers aperested
  65. One eyed Willie aperested
  66. Muh diker followed her from the gym
  67. Woman muh diked while she slept
  68. Pimp gets 16 yrs in Nigger U
  69. Nighunt on for muh diker of 6yr old
  70. Muh dick failure
  71. What's a chimp doing in a bookstore? Sexual battery, of course!
  72. "Teacher" spanked & apebused six students
  73. Nig eeks guilty to nignapping 7 yr old
  74. Attempted Rape of 73 year old
  75. Denver Broncos player on trial
  76. Witchdoctor Talks Fecal Savages Into Raping 18 month Old Infant to "Boost Business"
  77. Muk-Dick Denver
  78. Teenaper muh diked girl at church
  79. Muh dik apesaulted at party near SDSU
  80. Life for knocking up a 13 yr old
  81. Coonposite sketch of muh diker
  82. Black Child Molester "Cured" in Georgia Jail Cell
  83. RSO busted at underage "lingerie party"
  84. CTA Red Line train muh diking
  85. Monkey lookin muh dikker
  86. Muh diker tells victim to 'let go'
  87. Muh dick nigger
  88. Another Nigger molesting Teacher
  89. 10 yr old raped,nonhuman thankfully
  90. NC Rapist gets 40 years
  91. Superstar Jamarlos spreading AIDS
  92. Negro who raped and murderd a white women said "I am satan"
  93. Muh diker Dominique coonvicted
  94. Liberian Immigrant Savages
  95. Nigger uses pellet gun to rape
  96. 9 Nig Orleans Nigs Indicted in 3 Different Rapes
  97. Lezzboon charged with statutory muh cootchie
  98. Carjacking, muh diking & robbery Xs 4
  99. Update on Liberian Savages
  100. Muh diker followed her off the bus
  101. Special Olympian nailed by Buck Counselor
  102. Nigger coach arrested, hit with muh dik charges again!
  103. They are going to love this in Nigger U
  104. Two silverbacks muh dik a buckette
  105. Lezzboon carpet munching "teacher" arrested
  106. Massage therapist grabbed priavte parts
  107. D.C. Metro Trains Swarming with Crotch Grabbing, Masturbating, Coal-Creatures
  108. Muh diker kills an innocent human woman
  109. nigger shot after performing forced fellatio
  110. A Urine, Simian Semen, and Shopping adventure at the local Fambly Dollah Sto'
  111. Nig Gets 50 yrs For Raping 89 Yr Old Also Stole Frozen Dinners
  112. Niglet muh diked and made good
  113. Have you seen this rapist? His next victim may be human!
  114. A nigger with a badge
  115. MMA muh diker arrested 15 yrs later
  116. 13 yr old muh diks a 90 yr old
  117. Former Gamecock Charged Wiff Muh Dik!
  118. Down low buck tried to rent muh dik
  119. Such pleasant individuals
  120. Feral 14 yr old muh diker
  121. 13 yr old muh cootchied 5 yr old in skewl baffroom
  122. 70 yr old woman in wheelchair orally sodomized
  123. nigger gets 33years instead of death penalty
  124. utememphis fire leutenant charged with rape
  125. Does this look like a nigger to you?
  126. nigger arrested for muh dik of 81 year old
  127. Teens arrested for gang rape
  128. "Adonis" was flashing his muh dik
  129. 10 yr old's muh diking recorded on sail fawn
  130. Nigger muh diked a drunk female
  131. Nigger rape
  132. She gave her muh diker a ride
  133. Ape rape in Ireland.
  134. Nigger Rapes 13 yr old at Youth Night Sleepover
  135. Troll Looking Nigger Indicted For Raping 6-Year-Old
  136. Guard muh cootchied an inmate
  137. Hoodie nigger rapes a disabled woman, now a 6 time loser
  138. FBI Task Force Hunts for Notorious Twitter Pimp
  139. Toby: Muh dik & sodomy of six year old
  140. New Orleans is back to being number 1 in child rape
  141. Nigger was "aroused" at skewl
  142. Detroit Nigger
  143. Spook sentenced in rape of 81 year old woman
  144. A Nigger Named 'Job' Rapes 3, Shoots 1, Kidnaps Another
  145. Kansas City Spook Raper
  146. Yoda goes to NU
  147. Coonposite sketch of muh diker
  148. Ladies: Always stay in your car !!!
  149. Muh dicker busted
  150. St Louis muh dik
  151. 20 years later, rape ape's dna sends him to n.u.
  152. Statutory muh cootchie not taken "seriously" by police
  153. York teen NIGGER raped for drugs!!!!!!
  154. Feral boon: Buck or sheilla?
  155. Chimp Caught Spanking It's Monkey...Again
  156. Caught ready to pack the fudgelette
  157. Muh dicker caught!
  158. "Jell-O" was da pimp
  159. Boon tries to rape a 15 year old girl
  160. Paster Nonce
  161. Nigger whore ring busted
  162. Nigger rapes prostitutes
  163. Twofer: DNA be rayciss 'n sheeit
  164. What a freak!
  165. Update on hammer raping nigger!
  166. Nigger and rape.... again.
  167. facebook post leads to child rape charges
  168. Detroilet Rape News
  169. Nigballer muh diked a 15 year old
  170. One day, a nig will rape a Centenarian, this ones just 91
  171. Chicago Po Po dump mental YT woman in chimp neighborhood...
  172. Neil was spanking his muh dik to FB pics
  173. Voyeurism and indecent exposure
  174. Held captive for three days by a muh diker
  175. Serial Flasher - Nigger? or What?
  176. Two 12 yr olds & 13 yr old mih dik a shebeast
  177. nigger muh dikks, kills human waitress...
  178. Knoxville ape charged with raping boy, more victims expected.
  179. Beast rapes wheelchair bound 70 year old.
  180. 16 beasts involved in gang rape of 11 year old.
  181. Howard was sucking a 12 yr old's muh dik
  182. Serial attacker aperested again
  183. This is the kind of cops they have in philly
  184. Three men sexually assaulted during home invasion
  185. 18yo Donte rides around on his bike, raping and killing
  186. I hope the victim was not human!
  187. Masturbation contests for prize money
  188. Coonposite sketch makes muh diker look human
  189. Feral Nigger Rapes/Tortures Woman - Police on a Coon Hunt
  190. No p...y in Canada!
  191. Jizz donor muh diked its eight day old shefant
  192. Nigger gropes women in Philly Chinatown.
  193. Substitute muh coochies wit student
  194. Found by police in bed with her disabled student muh dik
  195. Rape ape likes em' unconscious.
  196. The truth about interracial rape in the USA.
  197. nigger "students" use iphone to record teachers privates
  198. 14 Years in an Unmarked Grave
  199. Old nigger trying to get muh dick on!
  200. Donta found guilty for muh dik and murder
  201. Pleasure Palace Rapist Caught After He Made it Rain With Bank Robbery Loot
  202. Young love
  203. Laundry nigger getting muh dick on!
  204. Baboon rapes a 9 year old girl.
  205. A pimp, heroin & hos
  206. Hutchinson Rape Suspect Was Out On Bond
  207. rape Ape high schooler charged and released on bond
  208. Nigger tortures and rapes woman who escapes out of window
  209. Ape up for life sentence for abuse of 3 & 6 year olds.
  210. Nigger off to prison for masturbating at Chuck E Cheese's.
  211. Sow rapes 7 year old.
  212. 18 year old rapist
  213. Nigger tries to muh-dikk innocent Korean girl on train
  214. Muh diker gets life at Nigger U
  215. Nigger coach muh diks student
  216. Pimp recruiting and transporting whores
  217. Police search for attempted criminal sexual conduct nigger
  218. Nigger Apeducts and Rapes 13 Year Old Boy
  219. Facebook muh diker
  220. Coal-Colored Criminal Carnally Copulates with 2 Girls Under 8 Years Old
  221. Cab nigger rapes 12 years in nigger U
  222. Negress ooks "Can u forgive me for crying rape?"
  223. Newspaper used for muh dik bait
  224. Alabama Anthropoid Charged with Incest, Rape, & Sodomy on 12 year old Relative
  225. Obese Mole-Faced Mud Beast Waves Muh-Dik at Two Young Girls in Georgia Walmart
  226. Team Of Rapist Niggers On The Loose
  227. Temple feetzballer "accused" of being rapeape.
  228. Muh diker arrested
  229. Nigger pervert Spanking his monkey in front of 6y/o child
  230. Nigger aperrested for showing his genitals to children inside a Wal Mart store
  231. "East Coast Rapist" fakes retardation
  232. Nigger muh diks an 8 year old
  233. PCP, Duct Tape, Tazer, and Rape - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Negro "Dating"
  234. Hopefully it was a nigger sow!
  235. Nigger couple aperested for muh diking in park after hours, and caught with pot
  236. Nigger trying to get muh dick on fails.
  237. Woman followed from train station, sexually assaulted
  238. Sordid Simian Savage Sodomizes 6 Year Old "Family Member"
  239. Nigger IT consultant coonvicted of kid porn
  240. Public School Simian Employee has a Perversion Party on Several Young 'Uns
  241. South Sudanese on the streets of Eilat - 3 nigs rape 15 yr old
  242. Queer Nigger "cop" sentenced to 14 days in jail for having sex with 14-year-old boy
  243. Muh-Dikin' On Da Metro- Feral Toad Charged Wiff Sexual Assault On Bus
  244. Mud Creature Repeatedly Rapes Teddy Bear in Public
  245. RSO apetempts to muh dik neighbor
  246. Pimp...no more pimp
  247. Bail denied for muh diking teenaper
  248. NAACP Judge Seals Case to protect Her Husband - A Multiple Rape Suspect, Doctor
  249. BUYING POT=MuhDik,KidNapped,Assaut and robbed!!!!!!!
  250. Negress Babysitter Rapes 2 Children