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  1. Burners And Drillers
  2. Nigger Woods former bitch demolishes their den
  3. the ultimate coal burner
  4. Khloe & Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Bruce Jenner & Lamar Odom thread
  5. Kardashian and economics
  6. Why did Tiger Woods’ ex-wife level a $12 million mansion?
  7. CB & her muh diks arrested for murder
  8. 2012: Year of the Driller?
  9. Another traitorous coal burner bites the dust
  10. Mud shark breeder stabbed by its husboon
  11. Trigger niggers murder store clerk
  12. Bradley Cooper can be aded to the OD list
  13. Jizz donor gets 20 yrs for sprog tenderizing
  14. What to call them
  15. Update: Help find a missing coal burner?
  16. Coal burner made good by her muh dik
  17. just say no..
  18. My coal burning neighbor
  19. Coal burner kills over her muh dik
  20. Mayor of Saratoga Springs is a sheboon married to an oildriller and have sprogs
  21. Coal Burners and Oil Drillers Icon
  22. The "love story" that changed history
  23. Vacation Disgust - Shame on Her!
  24. OD Tom Cruise, CB Nicole Kidman and their apedopted pet Connor Cruise thread
  25. Dead coal burner of the day
  26. Race Traitor Heidi Klum divorcing her pet buck
  27. Sleeping with a nigger brings trouble
  28. CB breeder jailed for not testifying against her muh dik
  29. Dead coal burning breeder of the day
  30. Kevin Federline Rushed To Hospital
  31. Before & After: Tenderized & burned burner
  32. CB killed over marijuana plants
  33. "Mother" traded muh dik with her child for pills
  34. Coal burner gets a dirt nap
  35. Nigfant has lost all "brain" activity
  36. I Had A Date Planned This Weekend...HAD.
  37. Cop murdered after knocked up CB made good
  38. CB HNIC lover Katy Perry thread
  39. CB & her mother made good on suspook's birffday
  40. Good mud shark du jour
  41. Mud shark Josselyn fought to stay alive
  42. CB went to pieces over her muh dik
  43. Blacker than Nigger
  44. Children spanked with cords & pilars were used
  45. QB Tom Brady has a CB sister
  46. CB arrested for harboring her murdering muh dik
  47. CB & her muh dik face 41 counts of fraud
  48. Coalburner says she loves bucks but hates sheboons
  49. Caption this..... (oil driller with pregnant sow and turdler)
  50. This Coal Burner Is No Longer Human - TI's "Wife" Tiny's "Mom"
  51. CB goodification: Judge not jury to hear trial
  52. Actress Laura Dern is a niglet factory
  53. Coal burners, their muh dik and murder for hire
  54. "Romeo" gave his CB a dirt nap
  55. Tough sh*t you disgusting niglet factory
  56. "Has Coco gone loco?"
  57. Update: PB bunny suing NYPD for 'shoving her face into pavement'
  58. Update: OD makes its step-sprog good w/ a 12 gauge
  59. Ghetto lobster chefs arrested
  60. Annoying Grammy Winner Adele Was Inspired By Nigger Ex-Boonfriend
  61. Update: CB VS angel takes her sprog to the beach
  62. CB's turdler good from extensive injuries
  63. CB's "marriage" fraudster finally deported
  64. Is Lil' Wayne's CB knocked up?
  65. One In Twelve Marriages Are "Interracial"
  66. YT Women: Competing For Muh Dik
  67. CB & her muh dik arrested for animal cruelty & dog fighting
  68. CB plays the nigger "scratch off" lotto
  69. On Interracial Marriage: The Moral Status of Miscegenation - Why race mixing is wrong
  70. CB & her 3 muh diks make nig cop good
  71. Big surprise for coalburner and boon
  72. Disgusting!
  73. Niiger,coalburner,Toddler,dogs living in filth -couple arrested on drug, endangerment
  74. Oil tycoon can use African law to fight divorce settlement
  75. CB's are on the rise
  76. ***WARNING*** Very graphic
  77. A spin off of TRH’s post about Katie Piper (acidified CB)
  78. Coal burner anthem
  79. Real Estate Ad
  80. Burning Terius Nash
  81. Police officer kills coalburner wife (an oldie but goodie)
  82. One Of The Most Disgusting Coal-Burner/ Oil Driller Shows Ever
  83. OD update: "Black Madam" arrested at "butt pumping" party
  84. Ugly coalburner diced up by boonfriend
  85. Doing the unthinkable...... drilling for oil
  86. Media attack on whites
  87. CB & its pet muh diks goodify their drug dealer
  88. Someone asked this question about mudsharks on yahoo answers
  89. CB & her muh dik suspected in 30 robberies
  90. Coal Burning Vermin Sells Her Precious 6 Y/O Daughter To Vile Niggers for Crack
  91. CB wins $18M medical lotto
  92. Caption this.....(fat coalburner and fat buck on their wedding day)
  93. Nigerian fraudster hijacked identities of soldiers and nurses
  94. Update: CB & her muh dik murder a human cop
  95. Burning Out of Control - Call 911
  96. Dead coal burner of the day
  97. Stupid groid and coalburner
  98. Dead CB's muh dik gets life in Nigger U
  99. OMG! Did I just see that?
  100. Gross oil driller ad from South Apefrica
  101. Video: watch the coalburner
  102. Oil drilling ghetto lobsta chef
  103. Court rejects death-row inmate’s appeal
  104. Actor Charles Dance is an OD
  105. Chimp twin has nostalgic twin experience at hospital
  106. Coalburner imports her negro
  107. Coal burner's muh dik tape "betrayal"
  108. Oil driller goodifed by its rented muh dik
  109. 29% of Mississippi GOP voters believe interracial marriage should be illegal
  110. WTF? Video of white girls praising niggers
  111. Bogus "Hate Crime" by Mud Creature Frightens Coal Burning Detroit Couple
  112. “Hide your money. Hide your clothes."
  113. "Mrs. Eastwood & Co."
  114. CB & jizz donor broke their nigfant
  115. Mud shark flambe
  116. Two CBs & four muh diks arrested
  117. Four of a kind: Murders/Suicide
  118. CB ventilated in the head and back
  119. CB nignapped by her ex muh dik
  120. Coalburner and Its Nigger Commit Armed Robbery
  121. Madonna going to St.Petersburg to protest recent law to ban gay propoganda
  122. 71 yr old killed by his CB ho and her muh dik
  123. Knocked up CB stabbed and burned to death
  124. CB and her muh dik arrested for niggercide
  125. FB update: Another dead nigger lover
  126. Coalburner comparing DNS porchmonkey to skeetles!!!!!
  127. Twofer: Knocked up CB made good
  128. CB's carcass was hanging in the closet
  129. An OD, shebeast & thrown puppies
  130. Urkel: "Did I do that?"
  131. Another CB gets a dirt nap
  132. Are you a niggerologist? Who are mother and father devine?
  133. Knocked up CB dies in sprog's arms
  134. marlo hampto of 'the real housewives of apelanta' only dates older white men
  135. 16-year-old girl is fatally shot by nig buckfriend, buck says it was an accident
  136. CB's muh dik finally got it right
  137. CB crapped out at the casino
  138. Mud shark made good by her sprog
  139. Happy Easter
  140. Another Nigger Butcher
  141. CB's child tried to douse the flames
  142. CB & her pet arrested for bank robbery
  143. Look at this coalburner...I have a question.
  144. CB burns her human children and sprogs
  145. Video mud shark before & after
  146. The effects of "DIEversity"!
  147. 17-year-old cancer survivor prom wish comes true
  148. Heidi replaced with another CB whore
  149. Coalburner arrested for leaving niglets home alone while she goes out drinking
  150. Oil Driller and Nigger Girlfriend Arrested For Niglet Abuse
  151. OD's step-sprog was shaken not stirred
  152. Donate towards Betsy the burner's funeral?
  153. Caption this.... (VERY DISTURBING PHOTO!)
  154. Interracial murders are up (No big surprise)
  155. *WARNING!* Do NOT touch salt & pepper shakers in restaurants!!!!!!!
  156. CB and her muh cootchie broke the toddlers
  157. Kanye tries to molest Kim Kardashian's leg in public.
  158. It's ALL about pleasing the niggers now
  159. Niggress steals from drunken fool!
  160. 1 in 10 now CB's or Drillers
  161. Brittany Killgore Murder Question
  162. CB's sprog ventilated at jizz donor's apepartment
  163. Ape-frican Muh-Dikker gets a taste of its own medicine
  164. CB Rita Ora thread
  165. "A tragic story of love and loss"
  166. Crispy coon's CB crapped out its sprog
  167. CB ho made good by her pimp
  168. Coalburning Mudwhores In Sports, Media and Politics
  169. Request for Moral Support
  170. The coal burners swan song
  171. Nigger sow who dates only white men gives advice on what NOT to do on a date w/ a sow
  172. Two CBs fight over Gary Coleman's estate
  173. "Forbidden romance"
  174. Driller drives around parading sprogs on car hood.
  175. Oil Driller and sow be styling with their new hood ornament
  176. CB breeder Nicole made good by ex-husboon
  177. CB's girl's head shaved & made to wear a diaper
  178. Niggers Don't Like Angelina Jolie Playing Cleopatra, 'Cause Cleopatra was a Nigger
  179. Oil driller made good by a coal buddy
  180. Foul Coal Burner And Boon Friend Headed To NU
  181. CB hooker butt dials 911
  182. ‘He just married me for a visa'
  183. Vile Burner Screwed Over Human BF
  184. Update: Joan Rivers thread
  185. Nigger with what looks to be a spigger.
  186. Oildriller and it's fat sow moved in my condo complex
  187. Brazilian model to "marry" Marley's sprog
  188. CB asks why her half breed died
  189. I call bulls**t
  190. Voodoo, violence and a mysterious death
  191. Maury: CB breeder & four muh diks
  192. OD breeder made good in nest fire
  193. 'I'm White and Only Date Black Men'
  194. White woman on the topic of coalburners
  195. CB breeder got a dirt nap
  196. Muh dik coonvicted in CB machete murder
  197. Nigger shoots five year old white girl in the face on purpose
  198. White Pedophile Pastor Charged with Drilling for Oil - With Haitian Children
  199. Coalburner and her two nigger boonfriends rob man at gas station
  200. Heidi Klum's "Turn Up The Night" video
  201. Raw vid: CB, DUI muh dik & $60K in damage
  202. Smoking Dope at the Jail
  203. CB steals her muh dik's drugs from police
  204. Millionaire's CB daughter jailed for two years
  205. CB & her muh dik 's home invasion robbery
  206. Woman murdered by a CB & her muh diks
  207. CB & her parents get a dirt nap
  208. "Dr." Oil Driller De Niro
  209. CB's precious human child murdered
  210. Willis separates from sow
  211. What was Lisa Marie Presley's "pet name" for her sweet NAMBLA ex-hubby?
  212. Justin Bieber thread
  213. CB teacher caught w/ her student muh dik
  214. CB's sprog "sad and mad"
  215. CB tenderized her ghetto lobster
  216. From 1200%-2000% more likely to be murdered when burning coal
  217. Twofer: CB & muh dik murder/suicide
  218. Knocked up CB breeder made good
  219. Update: Oil drilling breeder was made good
  220. CB & her muh dik killers get life
  221. Twofer: CB & muh dik murder/suicide
  222. Maury: Shantice & Wayne
  223. Stupid CB left her keys behind at crime scene
  224. Muh dik guilty of making his CB good
  225. Ventilated mud shark flambe
  226. 15 yr old CB heroin ho made good
  227. "You loved my daughter to death"
  228. CB's grandsprogs injured & killed
  229. CB run over twice by her sprog
  230. Sickening waste of cash
  231. Mud shark taken off life support
  232. "Fire the Cop"
  233. Sprogs found in filthy conditions
  234. Doctor wanted fatal shooting at Erie County Medical Center
  235. Three missing sprogs found
  236. Serves DeNiro right for being an evil oil driller!
  237. Nigger lovin'
  238. Nigger Tiki Barbar and HIs Coalburner
  239. An interesting point to ponder
  240. Why white women shouldn’t date black men: a flyer
  241. Nigger murders mudshark and niglets -- win-win, lol
  242. Must see: "Amiya 3rd Birffday year of life"
  243. Halle's jizz donor gets $20K a month in sprog support
  244. Donate for CB sprog "Tum-Tum's " dirt nap?
  245. Filthy coalburner accused of lying about robbery
  246. CB bawling over "good" son!
  247. Crapper to play JFK in CB's video
  248. Woman Burns Coal, Surfs On Car Windshield, Gets Cured
  249. DJ Hero 2 - The Race-Mixing Video Game That Will turn Your Children into Coal Surfers
  250. Baseball bat 1 vs CB breeder 0