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  1. Tortured to death for being a witch 'because he wet his pants'
  2. Discovery of tooth challenges 'out of Africa' theory
  3. Toilet training posters needed for niggers at skoo
  4. Victim's mother relieved by extradition
  5. Australia To Finally Recognize Aborigines As First "People"
  6. Beaten teen speaks of terror
  7. Coonrupt vicar performs sham "weddings"
  8. Australian PM dragged to safety
  9. Sham "wedding" to assume identity
  10. Ukrainian newspaper depicts Africans and Arabs as monkeys groping woman
  11. Cross-eyed arsonist rioter busted
  12. Somali pirate "Six Toe Joe" arrested
  13. "You were like a pack of hyenas"
  14. "Violent, dangerous' nig arrested for 1989-2000 muh dikings
  15. Attack by gang on bicycles in NZ
  16. No honor among Nigerian scammers
  17. Has anyone ever been to Amsterdam?
  18. "Mixed race" pet apedoptions to be legal
  19. Sweden braces for Somali migration
  20. Sarkozy Calls For Interspecies mating
  21. Update: Sowpotomous nigger lottery fail
  22. 'They only rioted because they had lost hope'
  23. Nigger boy burned as a witch
  24. Israel cuts funding for ethiopian nigger jews
  25. Nine year "battle" to deport a muh diker
  26. France has the guts!
  27. 55.9% of UK nigger males 16-24 unemployed
  28. Pandering to a cop killer "safe to be freed"
  29. Eleven months for six week crime spree
  30. Coontender for Archbishop of Canterbury
  31. CPR in front of 36,000 fans
  32. Man arrested over allegedly racist Twitter remarks
  33. Banana thrown at nigger soccer playa
  34. Aussies fed up with aboriginie niggers
  35. Israel is deporting its Sudanese niggers back to their muddaland
  36. Canada suspends aid to Mali niggers
  37. 5 yr old paralysed by trigger niggers
  38. Swedish wanna be crapper runs over bystander killing him
  39. English University Student 'JAILED' for racist tweet.
  40. nigger noise ban
  41. Somali refugee guilty of man's fatal beating
  42. Sudan nigger pervert booted from Canada
  43. Guerlain cosmetic empire heir convicted of racism
  44. Somooli nigger deported from Canada
  45. now the french government bend the knee to the nigger
  46. Race hate gang in orgy of violence
  47. Dublin ape rampage.
  48. Squaters trash $7.3M home
  49. Irelands black leaders wtf! wtf! wtf!
  50. Mayor quits over race comments.
  51. Surprise surprise it lied.
  52. Malawian body found in travel bag.
  53. TB back in Ireland.
  54. U.K. cops in racism allegation.
  55. Lying Nigerian costs state 370,000 euro.
  56. Nigger London rioter gets 11 years.
  57. nigger sow jumps 17 floors.
  58. The third world degeneration of a once proud nation
  59. Swedish Minister of Culture cuts shegroid cake
  60. Breeders wrongly accused TWICE of shaking nigfant
  61. Australia meets with with black crime.
  62. Blind nigger "fashion designer"
  63. Sidney cops use extreme force for stolen crashing car driven by nigger aboriginals
  64. "He told mummy to die"
  65. UK Special: The 'Rivers of Blood' Speech
  66. MP Diane Abbott thread
  67. Nigerian 'king' lost Tesco job because of regal duty
  68. Dumbing down of exams continues.
  69. Rare Aussie rock fish netted
  70. Israelis hurl racist insults at nigger performer
  71. @Nezumi: question about Hollande
  72. London teenage murder 2005 - 2012.
  73. Maori nigger mugs 69 pensioner.
  74. Nigger on trial for rape and murder of niece
  75. Canadian nigger sought for forced prostitution and trafficking
  76. UK airport staff detained white fliers to avoid bias claims
  77. Nigger Rapist jailed for 20 years after attack
  78. 'You're not so hot now'
  79. 20 niggers stomp aussie teen(a real teen)
  80. Ex pres of Liberia in the Hague for sentencing
  81. Good old Lupus disease goodifies ex- Uk Big Brother coontestant.
  82. 20 Feral Niggers drag British man out of pub, stab him to death
  83. Cameroon shebeast "security issue" on flight
  84. Swiss want toban coward niggers asylum!!!!!
  85. "Black Money Scam"
  86. More Israeli riots against sudanese niggers
  87. Wild Senegalese niggers in Spain!
  88. Charles Taylor walks out of Crimes Trail in The Hague
  89. Raycism in Russia, LOL!
  90. HIV+ Sudanese asylum seeker repeatedly bites Australian woman to give her*HIV
  91. Mario Balotelli thread
  92. Nigger criminal wears latex mask pretending to be white.
  93. Human patient accused of being rayciss 'n sheeit
  94. One dead, 7 injured after shooting at Toronto mall
  95. Somali peanut head booted from Canada
  96. Blog dedicated to dead niggers from somoolia and sudan dying in Alberta, Canada
  97. Monkey chants @ Dutch players in Euros.
  98. Ape breaks lads jaw for iPhone.
  99. Shooting at police, niggers found guilty.
  100. Police station firebomb attack, niggers convicted.
  101. Nigger found guilty in ice cream parlour shooting.
  102. Drug dealing illegal immigrant from Gambia guilty of rape.
  103. Ape trio jailed for cash-in-transit heist
  104. Chimp troop jailed for violent phone store robberies
  105. Nigger sought in ATM robbery
  106. Apes behind bars for London smash & grab robberies.
  107. Nigerian Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Sham Marriage*Scam
  108. TNB : 'Crown of cash' photo rumbles drug dealer
  109. Jamaican Serial Rapist Chan Wright Raped Again After Avoiding*Deportation
  110. Ape murdered mother in Bedford as children played
  111. Nigerian Shebeast Jailed for Stanstead Immigration*Fraud
  112. Gorilla Paedophile Teacher Guilty of Schoolgirl*Rapes
  113. ANGOLAN asylum seeker jailed for rape of 89 yr old.
  114. Violent sex attacker jailed
  115. Cop seriously injured in assault by you guessed it, a dirty ape.
  116. Five bucks sentenced over August violent disorder
  117. Gullible Britons conned out of £3.5bn by Nigerian gangs
  118. 2 teenapers locked up for more than 20 years for murder of schoolnig
  119. Jail for Ape Filmed “Enjoying” Throwing Concrete at*Police
  120. Rapist tells 11yr old victim 'I'm not gay, I like this too much'
  121. 2 shebeasts who attacked 2 white women walk free, obviously!
  122. Nigger wanted for seriously injuring 69 yr old in street robbery.
  123. Seems I'm not alone - White pride Ireland.
  124. Niggers feel under siege in Ireland.
  125. Police hunting nigger carer who sexuality assaulted pensioner while washing her.
  126. Police release E-fit of ape thief.
  127. Nigger teacher rapes 14yr old pupil
  128. 3 teenapers found guilty in connection with the fatal stabbing of 20-year old.
  129. Is She Black or White?
  130. Somali family on benefits handed keys to £2million home
  131. Advice for travellers to Sth Africa : Australian government.
  132. Niggers rob man at knifepoint.
  133. Somali asylum seeker admits stabbing woman 57 times.
  134. CCTV released of black pack attack in Luton.
  135. Nigger who cut cops throat loses appeal
  136. Nigress Caught with £400,000 of cocaine jailed.
  137. Ape flasher fantasises about sex with vulnerable elderly
  138. Nigerians steal dead British mans identity.
  139. Nigger jailed for drug offences.
  140. A convicted rapist who *kidnapped and throttled a woman is *now working for the NHS.
  141. Racist trolls target the two Ashleys
  142. Nigger mob riots in China of all places.
  143. FANTASTIC!! Niggers actually put on planes forcefully to GTFO of Israel.
  144. Ape likes to bite while raping.
  145. Ape rapist of 13yr old jailed.
  146. Two niggers jailed following gun raid.
  147. Nigger jailed for Birmingham shooting
  148. Irish mayor wants signs in African.
  149. Prison dog savages sex killer rapist where it hurts
  150. Ape child rapist jailed.
  151. Hunt for niggers who forced teenager to hand over savings
  152. Sheboon nurse steals from pensioner in her care.
  153. Nigger knuckle dragging to South Pole
  154. 'Doras Luimni Integreat Campaign' (Push for "Integrating" Niggers in Ireland)
  155. 2 niggers jailed for murder.
  156. Ape jailed for stabbing good Samaritan.
  157. This guy is on trial in England for calling a nigger a bad name
  158. 19yr old ape jailed for 24yrs for murder.
  159. Nigerian jailed for six years over £1.5m student scam
  160. Police arrest ‘racist’ supporter after image of 'monkey' gesture appears on Twitter
  161. Some sanity at last, footballer found not guilty of racism.
  162. Papau New Guinea thread
  163. TB fears as number of drug-resistant cases surges by a quarter
  164. Jam-packed England: The population rockets to a record 56million
  165. Extradited Wolverhampton ape murder suspect in court.
  166. Gang members sentenced to over 40 yrs in prison
  167. Jigaboo jailed for 24 yrs for murder
  168. Keep Ireland White
  169. Double standards again, nigger soccer player racist tweet about Jews.
  170. The Olympics be rayciss 'n sheeit
  171. Jail for ape who stabbed passenger on train.
  172. Illegal immigrant drug dealer jailed for knifepoint rape.
  173. Child raping asylum seeker stays in UK, to send it home would breach its human rights
  174. Video : Aussies fight back.
  175. Samurai sword used to hack wife to death.
  176. "I just shot the colored man"
  177. Somthing rotten in Denmark!!!!!NIGGERS?????
  178. Gambian nigger in Scotland!!!WTF could go wrong????
  179. Road rage sow "spared" jail in human attack
  180. Trio of niggers in separate attacks in Ireland
  181. First mob attack in Ireland
  182. Ex-CFL feesball player charged with rape in Vancouver
  183. White kid with turrets syndrome beaten vicously by British nigger.
  184. A fecal brew of stray shitskins at summer camp
  185. Ex-Olympic nigger hopeful jailed for kidnap and torture
  186. Diplomat tries to claim immunity after smuggling
  187. Gollywog dolls in Australia cause race row
  188. Muh diked after rejecting the nigger
  189. Crapper jailed for robbery after victim sees him on YouTube.
  190. Ape burns down ex-lovers home.
  191. Burglars who thought woman's home was cannabis factory are jailed
  192. Two niggers found guilty in fatal shooting
  193. TV 'spiritual healer' Alain Bhatupa jailed for sexual assaults
  194. Knifepoint robber who targeted women cashiers is facing prison
  195. Five sexual assaults in Manchester 'by one ape' police say
  196. Jail for drug dealer who boasted of crimes in Internet crap videos.
  197. Has anybody seen my niggers?
  198. Somalian Refugee In Canada Turns Out To Be A Violent Offender
  199. Australia : young African migrants turning to alcohol & drugs, anyone surprised ?
  200. Niggers threaten UK style riots down under unless they get what they want
  201. 7 Olympic nigger affletes from Cameroon disappear while in Britain.
  202. Greece rounding up thousands of niggers for deportation
  203. Olympic torch: Doreen Lawrence takes flame on relay
  204. Serial Sex Attacker: Police Launch Manhunt
  205. Police hunt Brockley sexual assault skater
  206. Ape sexually assaults two women in separate assaults.
  207. Facebook: Aborigines ‘petrol-sniffing drunks’
  208. Ape teacher loses £5million claim for compensation after he is paralysed.
  209. 4 Congo Olympic delegation members missing
  210. Video:White English protecting their district during riots.
  211. UK witchcraft child abuse:social services and police 'cowed by political correctness'
  212. Somalian jailed for drug offences.
  213. It turned its life around, wrong answer
  214. Crack dealing dwarf has walked free because he would lose his modified home
  216. The 'apealling' ordeal of the jet-set asylum seeker
  217. Just off to court mum - might do another job on the way
  218. Nigger exposes himself to breast feeding mother.
  219. Britain's real life Hannibal Lecter.
  220. Life sentence for two ape who kidnapped, tortured and killed father in Kilburn hostel
  221. Three apes charged in fatal stabbing.
  222. UK:Ethiopian Child Soldier Jailed for Cutting Mans Throat and Stabbing him in heart
  223. Drug dealer 2011, Gold medallist 2012.
  224. Despicable ape duo jailed for Letchworth robbery
  225. Somalian refugee punched one legged student and glassed police worker
  226. Nursing assistant named fanta faces jail over £400k benefit scam
  227. Two cocky baboons jailed for smash and grab
  228. Two coons jailed for robbing betting shop
  229. French 'youths' fire on police in overnight clashes
  230. Wife poured petrol over husband in fury after he fathered lovechild watching him burn
  231. Nigger Taxi drivers in Dublin!!!!
  232. Nigger babble in England!!!!Racist comment?????
  233. Police gassed drunk sheboon in 'witch' row
  234. Nigger sought for indecent assault of 14yr old girl.
  235. Crack dealer sentenced to eight years
  236. 16yr old sexually assaulted by nigger
  237. Sudanese asylum seeker pours boiling water on fellow prisoner
  238. Teen sexually assaulted by ape.
  239. E-fits of Huddersfield robbery suspects
  240. Filthy scheming Nigress flies to the UK to have operation at taxpayer expense.
  241. Nigger volunteered to fight for Britain. Now this soldier faces deportation and jail
  242. Ape who raped girl, 13, after plying her with drink and drugs is jailed
  243. Three ape charged with the 'gangland execution' of dancer who appeared in music video
  244. Nigger heroin dealer jailed for three years
  245. Japanese teenager sexually assaulted by bag snatching ape in Sheffield, England.
  246. Turd head Whoopi Goldberg thread
  247. Finally the shebeast is good
  248. Man suffers serious head injuries in apessault
  249. Five niggers jailed for schoolboy knife attack in Wood Green barber’s
  250. Teenaper jailed for knifepoint robbery of Muswell Hill BBC correspondent