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  1. Trigger niggers kill human bar owner
  2. Man dies of heart attack after being robbed
  3. Murdering trigger nigger denied parole
  4. Nigger dragged leashed dog while driving
  5. Store owner murdered by trigger nigger
  6. "Pastor" arrested in bathroom robbery
  7. Victim’s final minutes caught on store surveillance
  8. Raw video: Sonic robbery
  9. Nigger liar gets humans convicted
  10. Raw video: Girl attacked on a train
  11. McGriff Used a puppy's Mouth to "Pleasure itself"...In Front of a 9-Year-Old
  12. I wonder how you say "TNB" in Chinese?
  13. An un-teachable moment
  14. Teen beaten in Portland
  15. Nigger killed a human
  16. nigger cop killer going to trial...
  17. Teenaper eeks guilty to muh dik and murder
  18. Mother with child apetacked on bus
  19. Engaged, pregnant & dead in a dumpster
  20. Murderer carefree in NigTube video
  21. Family apesaulted at ChuckECheese's
  22. NEW - Niggers attacks white on a train, Luxembourg
  23. Trigger niggers kill college security guard
  24. Man beaten for $1.99 beer dies
  25. 5 Filthy NIGGERS Kills White Home Owner In Home Invasion Tulsa, Olk
  26. Trio of nigger burglars causes bystander's death in getaway
  27. Trigger niggers wanted in store owner's murder
  28. Straight up thru and thru evil NIGGERS
  29. "Vicious" and "bloodthirsty"
  30. Ex-Coonvict Accused of a Dirty 'Deed'
  31. 2 niggers knocked white girl off her bike and assaulted and robbed her
  32. Veteran has a broken jaw and fractured skull
  33. Mistrial declared for trigger nigger by nigger "judge"
  34. Killed by fleeing feral niggers
  35. Death penalty "may be sought"
  36. 10y/o adopted niglet stabs/murders his 12y/o white friend
  37. Wanted murder suspook surrenders
  38. Nigger kills dog in washing machine
  39. Nigger cornholes goat
  40. Jay-Z's business partner arrested for human murder
  41. Human brain & eye eaten at cemetery
  42. Travolta's stolen classic Benz recovered
  43. This will boil your blood
  44. Nigger hits jogger with car on purpose
  45. Good samaritan murdered by feral carjacker
  46. Teen shot over Dollar Store earrings
  47. Laid off nigger kills his former boss
  48. Algiers good Samaritan killed in front of own kids
  49. niggers preying on the elderly...
  50. Lezzboon throws hamster from third floor
  51. "The motive for the shooting is unclear"
  52. niggers beating an elderly store clerk...
  53. Nigger Lululemon killer gets "full ride" to nigger u
  54. Paris PD are looking for a nigger that rapes blond hair, blue eyes women
  55. Black Panther snake head cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal thread
  56. Verdict reached in Lululemon yoga clothing shop murder (pretty vicious)
  57. Nigger sentenced to graduation with honors
  58. Philthy Philly niggers attack YT
  59. Nigger first cout apperance for killing his white girlfriend and a white police woman
  60. Graduation canceled: Racial Justice Act to get first trial
  61. Taco truck vendor shoots back at niggers
  62. Nigger threw a dog out of a hooptie window
  63. nigger murders a human cop...
  64. Primadonna crashes her hooptie in a home
  65. Update: "He was like a shark around the prey"
  66. Nigger Escapes from Jail, Kills Officer and is Made Good
  67. "Cold case" solved: DNA be rayciss 'n sheeit
  68. Nigger slashes white omens throat while she read him the bible
  69. Nice going, nigger -- use the stun gun on a pregnant white woman
  70. nigger gets shot after ramming Berkeley cop
  71. Coonvicted double cop killer seeks new trial
  72. In a coma: 10% chance of survival
  73. Human guy finally Snaps...
  74. Typical Nigger Violence
  75. Finally, one for us humans!
  76. Lets have cheers for this one!
  77. Mark your calendar: Feb. 28th
  78. Abandoned dog ate soap to stay alive
  79. Niggers and animals
  80. Confirmed - Mutiny by black troops on white officers - Whites machine-gunned - 1942
  81. Be careful where you put grandma.
  82. More niggers beatin Whitey
  83. Nigger sucker punches total stranger for "looking at him funny"
  84. Feral nigger on muh dik rampage in France CCTV Video
  85. Nigger Lets 6 Pit Bulls Attack Police, 4 Shot
  86. Niggers being Niggers
  87. 3 arrested in hate-crime beating of autistic boy
  88. The newest thing a nigger will kill you for
  89. "No contest" for 2 of 3 who burned teenager
  90. Second suspook arrested in Papa Johns murder
  91. Nigerian "underwear bomber" gets life in Nigger U
  92. Nigger cop killer of to NU
  93. Nigger dentist
  94. Monkeys on the loose in Philly school system, Philly Zoo needs to send Chimp trainers
  95. Appeals court overturns murder coonviction
  96. Suspook in slaying surrenders at parole office
  97. Murderer rejects plea deal & wants a trial
  98. Fucking coon
  99. How To Hate YT - Nigger Training Video
  100. “Kyle is not the monster that they’re making it appear”
  101. Best story ever!!! Nigs rob old boy...he chases them and kills!!!
  102. Another good ending
  103. TeenBuck's death prompting Truancy-Protocol review - Duh!
  104. Worthless Chimp Attacks Handicapped Man on a Bus
  105. Taniesha goes CAT 5 on a bus
  106. She-boon beats elderly human
  107. Lizzy Bordons Son
  108. Nigger runs over human in attempted abduction
  109. Teenapers shove 81 yr old onto subway tracks
  110. Store owner killed during a robbery
  111. Infant's urn & ashes stolen: Suspooks aperested
  112. "Catch & Release" groid killed a dog
  113. DUI nigger murders former mayor & friend
  114. Jury selection for Cooke murder trial a slow process
  115. 78 year old homeowner shoots Nigger
  116. Disabled Human beaten by Spearchunker
  117. A video of Black on white violent crime
  118. Two burned bodies in Nigtoilet
  119. Arrest made in tow truck dragging death
  120. Nigger Steals Coalburners Pit Bull For Dog Fighting
  121. Judge refuses to release video that shows a crimi-nigger murdering a white policeman
  122. Update: This will boil your blood
  123. Random teen set on fire in "racial attack"
  124. How much better off will they be!
  125. Another animal abuse case!
  126. Shebeast should of been euthanized instead
  127. Nigger Shoots White Police Officer During Robbery
  128. DNA Link to 1988 Rape, Murder of Pregnant Newlywed
  129. Burned white boy thinks the thugs were classmates
  130. Dog thrown off porch during chimpout
  131. Only 240 days of jail for the viral video attack, WTF?
  132. White women groped by rappers on stage
  133. Nigger rapes dog
  134. Update on burned White Boy
  135. Teenaper muh diks two pit bulls
  136. Fellow niggerologists, enlighten me if you would
  137. "Cold blooded" killer arrested
  138. Suspook Arrested For Manslaughter
  139. Trigger nigger made good by store owner
  140. $20,000 reward for trigger nigger
  141. Three indicted for Animal Shelter cruelity
  142. Coonvicted felon beats a puppy
  143. A broken hip, broken legs & a broken back
  144. Nigger bucks raping Pitbulls
  145. Iraq veteran thought he was going to die
  146. Nigger stole a judge's SUV
  147. Speed shopping with the niggers
  148. Police: Mud Tainted Monster, & Boy Posted Violent Torture Of Puppies On YouTube
  149. Nigger of to NU for trying to steal purse
  150. Nigger who beat mentally ill woman sentenced
  151. Raw video: Six 11-14 yr olds attack human from behind
  152. Two arrested for dog fighting
  153. "Catch & Release" groid strikes again
  154. White Cabbie Shot in the Face by Evil Mud Creature
  155. Imports attack girl after saying no to coal burning
  156. We can by the names!
  157. Trooper shot: One at DNS & three arrested
  158. End of watch: Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian 2010
  159. Arrests for dog fighting ring
  160. " schitzo bipoler" nigger 3Xmurderer going to trial
  161. Trenton niggers murder bucks county man
  162. Filthy Fecal Nigger Murders White Teen Soldier in Cold Blood
  163. Another nigger denied parole.
  164. Home tagged with racial slurs & profanity
  165. Nig cop w/ "seizures" shoots human cop
  166. Raw vid: "Smash & grab" at jewerly store
  167. Bartholomew muh diks, shoots, runs over his daughter
  168. Another innocent dog tortured
  169. Police follow puppy's blood trail
  170. MTA agent Phylathia attacks over a dime
  171. Man murdered breaking up a party
  172. Black Panther group may attempt to "arrest" Orlando Human - Let the games begin...
  173. Update: Couple robbed and beaten: 85 yr old wife dies
  174. Kelex fights officer & uses hacksaw to cut off pawcuffs
  175. Murdered and left on the side of the road
  176. "Racially motivated attack"
  177. Sowpotomous killed a hotel clerk
  178. Asian man dead after 22 months in hospital over 25 cents
  179. Coonvicted felon shoots at a cop
  180. Korean American couple robbed by gang of nigger thugs
  181. Bulgarian ballerina run down by sub-human
  182. Nigger caught porking dogs on video
  183. Charged in murder of a firefighter
  184. One more reason to say "NO" to niggers in NASCAR
  185. Bella says the "bad man" needs a "time out"
  186. I want the NIGGERS to see this real good..............
  187. Nigger Murders White Senior; Declared Incompetent For Trial
  188. First amendment rights? Not when it involves speaking the truth about niggers.
  189. More nigger BS
  190. AWOL nigger killed an innocent woman
  191. 12 yr old in a wheelchair robbed
  192. Raw video: Woman stalked and robbed
  193. Store owner mudered by a trigger nigger
  194. Sow carjacks white female
  195. Teen girl apetacked during soccer game
  196. Nigger Attacks White Student Who Has Epilersy
  197. Critically wounded officer comes home
  198. Florida teenaper found guilty of murdering 2British tourists
  199. Nigger cop tries to strangle corrections officer for carrying legally
  200. White Man Wanders Into Tha 'Hood, Beaten And Stripped, Luckily Not Muh-Diked
  201. Innocent woman shot in the head
  202. Update on niggers that robbed wheel chair kid.
  203. They Finally caught the coons who murdered musician
  204. Angolan ape attacks woman with chain.
  205. Families celebrate aperest in murders
  206. Niggers in California may actually be charged with hate crimes
  207. Only 27 years for murder and robbery
  208. Another Stupid Nigger Criminal from Chimpcongo
  209. Nigger Charged With 1976 Rape Murder
  210. Where is the outrage over this?
  211. Murderer released ten years early
  212. Nigger Driving Cadillac Charged with 2 Hit and Run Fatalities
  213. Missing autistic teen found dead
  214. Dog hog tied & leg cut off w/hand saw
  215. Four NYPD cops shot by trigger nigger
  216. DNA Evidence Leads To Murder Charge
  217. double murder at west philly bar
  218. Graduation w/ honors ordered for murderer
  219. Marine killed over a jar of change & computer
  220. Dog set on fire and was almost hung by rope!!
  221. Humans fed up!
  222. Outcasts of Alabama "bikers"
  223. Nigger steals ring from hand of dying man
  224. Well ain't this sow just the cutest thing?
  225. VIDEO - Man fights off armed nig that was trying to steal his moped
  226. baltimore hate crime nigger aperested
  227. Check out what this ape did!
  228. 2 nigs made good for breaking into Marines house
  229. Update: Feral Groidess Sow Shoots Human Mother And Abducts 3-Day Old Baby
  230. Excuses
  231. TNB against human police officer
  232. 29 somali niggers busted for trafficking white children
  233. did this make national news like littlte shittles,?
  234. NWAB shoots dog in the wrong house
  235. McNigger's apeployee spits in iced teas
  236. Detroit nigger kills sleeping white man in park (Hate Crime?)
  237. Pregnant Beatdown
  238. Poor Maggot Flies Infected by Niggers (GRAPHIC)
  239. A.C. carjacking niggers indicted for murder
  240. I had enough of all this black on white crime! You?
  241. YT acts in self-defense goes to jail
  242. Niggers kidnap & rape a 52-year old white female
  243. Spearchunker thinks he's on Nigtube
  244. Time to Fry up another Nigger
  245. Nigger charged with a hate crime
  246. Officer stabbed in the brain
  247. Teenaper gets plea deal for Eric's murder
  248. 16 year old nig given 35 years for shooting clerk
  249. Nigger assualts white guy cause hes made about Trayboon
  250. Nigger stabs white girl