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Thread: Another case of Ise bee Inocents 

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    Another case of Ise bee Inocents

    Some 18 y/o nigger gets slammed by a Texas cop, and a huge outcry of ooks is heard when this shit was interviewed. And like always, liberal side with the bastard. But what isn't said, reported and shown, is what events led up to the aperrest and aperehension. Another case of Ise din duh nuffins:

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    What the cop did to that nigger was totally justified for several reasons. First, getting arrested should not be a cakewalk, because the nigger's fear of getting roughed up a little curbs the TNB. Force is the only language a nigger understands. Jail is a joke for them. Second, absolutely nothing happened to that street ape. The nigger is exaggerating the infliction of at most minor bruising to "ah can't breave and sheeet!" If the cops are not allowed to rough up the niggers, they will have many more problems with them in the future once the jigs learn that they can get back at the cops by complaining and playing nigger lotto. I hope the cop wins his appeal, but it never should have come to that.

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