Welcome to ChimpMania !!!

ChimpMania is a human membership only site dedicated to telling the truth about niggers and to educate humans about them.

NO niggers, coal burners, oil drillers, nigger lovers, coddlers, enablers and/or panderers are allowed as they are NOT humans but race traitors.

Relax, enjoy and have fun while following these necessary rules:

#1 ChimpMania is for bashing: (1) niggers, (2) traitorous coal burners and oil drillers; and (3) nigger lovers— ONLY!!! There will be NO bashing of humans and/or religions allowed.

#2 Promotion of violence, enticement of violence, threats and/or illegal acts is NOT allowed. Please report any violations of such by clicking the Report Post icon of the post.

#3 Promotion of violence, threats and/or illegal acts directed towards the HNIC, FT and/or the “first fambly” is NOT allowed and will result in an instant and permanent ban. Please note that this is also a federal felony with potential major legal consequences for the poster: http://anonym.to/?http://www.law.cor...1----000-.html

#4 Flaming and/or harassment of other ChimpMania members is NOT allowed.

#5 Copyright infringements:

Do NOT copy more than one or two sentences from a news source when posting a thread or replying to the thread (quotes included).

Do NOT use the ChimpMania downloader or your personal site such as “imageshack” or “tinypic” to post pictures to this site. This is copying under the copyright laws. Instead “hyperlink” any image. This is not copying, but rather the digital equivalent of pointing and saying “look over there!”

Do NOT promote or link to a website that has clearly illegal and/or "pirated" content such as videos and/or music, and do not advocate other members to download such content from that website.

#6 Do NOT hesitate when you have a question, comment and/or suggestion to contact, via PM or email, any site administrator and/or moderator at any time.

#7 Do NOT start any threads unless you are certain it involves a nigger, coal burner, oil driller and/or a nigger lover. There is an overabundance of “verifiable” activity to post.

#8 There is to be NO posting of pornography.

#9 Please write coherently; the world is watching!

#10 If you should get an infraction from an administrator or moderator (even if you think it is a bad call), do not argue it. All rulings are final and it will be like arguing balls and strikes to the home plate umpire, and may get you ejected from the game.

#11 Don't post pictures of yourself or information that can personally identify you. We thought that this would be self-evident, but alas we were wrong. It is therefore now a rule. Please note that many digital cameras and smartphones put the GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken into "EXIF" data which is embedded into the image itself, and readily viewable from the posted image. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchang...ge_file_format

Violation of any of the above rules can lead to a temporary and/or permanent ban from ChimpMania.

ChimpMania reserves the right to refuse membership to any potential member.