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Thread: Niggers really are THAT stupid Dumb Nigger, Low IQ

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    Niggers really are THAT stupid

    Niggers really are THAT stupid. When I was a younger man going to college, one of my part time jobs was as a math tutor there. I tutored everything from differential equations and/or linear algebra on down to the basic stuff. On occasion someone would need help with physics, chemistry, etc., which I was able to do as well. Math and science to niggers is like niggers trying to .

    One day this stupid nigger sow E-6 that was in the U.S. Army asked me for help. I saw the sow's rank and had hoped that she was above normal nigger stupidity, which was too much to ask. The dumb sow was in some remedial math class that taught shit I learned in 3rd/4th grade. Sheboon could not grasp on her life, how to add fractions with non-common denominators. I explained six ways from Sunday on how to accomplish that. The dumb sow had no clue, after who knows how much time I spent trying to explain that most basic concept. I knew whenever somebody realized how to do whatever math concept I was explaining, because I could see it in their eyes when everything clicked and made sense. This dumb nigger sow had the most empty look in her eyes. I knew that look so well from experience. It was somewhat frustrating to the extent that it took away from my time to help real humans who could grasp simple concepts of left and right. But, I also got a joy out of it because I could show this dumb sheboon on paper, to her face, that sheboon really is THAT fucking stupid, by none other than evil YT. And there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. "Maffs be rayciss!" Math and science can never be racist. I know the recent ooking of dumb nigger sows wanting their own math and science and I wholeheartedly welcome it. I have total faith that any endeavor in this new field of nigger maff has a very distinct probability of sending these nigger double 0 negative geniuses to the great chicken bucket in the sky or some other highly entertaining antics. In summation, niggers really are THAT stupid. I never had a smart nigger while I tutored, NEVER!!! Fuck that magic nigger Nigger degrasse Tyson chicken! He's a lone nigger comet with a brillo haid. I honestly do think these niggers realize that they are THAT fucking stupid and it angers them like the fires of hell. I could vent and rant on this topic for days.

    On a side note, being a math tutor was great! I miss those days, life was good. Lesson to your children...tell them to take math, science and tech related classes if they want the best potential for no niggers.

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    Interestingly interesting information

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    Whites for life
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    Nigger hater

    My question is why when I ask why can’t we “white people” live in areas that only white people are allowed., hey I don’t care if niggers have only nigger areas,, if niggers hate us an we hate them then why niggers call it racist when I say we need a white community... basically niggers need us white people but we don’t need them, so why won’t they understand that,, I understand niggers are too god damn stupid to understand pretty much anything, but why does niggers get upset when I say that, even knowing they hate us., we the white people have a GOOD reason to hate niggers, they have zero reasons to hate us.. I think they just want to piss us off just by living around us... when I go to the store an niggers are there an niggers behind the counter, I have NO PATIENCE whatsoever, an they can see it on my face that I HATE them... I hate white trash nigger lovers I hate rap music, my god do I hate rap music., nobody hates rap music like I do... an stupid ass white kids love it...these stupid dumb ass white kids need to learn the hard way an I hope they do... for instance, if I see a lowlife white Trash girl being punched by her nigger boyfriend, I look the other way or I’ll say YOU DESERVE IT YOU LOWLIFE WHITE TRASH nigger loving peace of crap... I hate even to hear niggers talk, I hate the sound of it.. i never was an never will be scared of niggers., I’m not your typical white man.. I’m not a pussy.. an they know very fast.. we had no business bringing them here from Africa, we could have done the work ourselves b/c if that was the case this country would be so much better off.. I want all niggers an I mean all niggers gone... they hate me an I hate them.. ask me if I give a rats ass if they like me or not... I’m 46 yrs old an I won’t feel any different when I’m 90... it’s just a fact..

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    Chocolate Man
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    What went wrong? Didn't niggers used to be kangz an' sheeit who could fly, built da pyramidz and invented maff?

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    Southern and proud of it
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    BLM is BS

    Black lives matter is BS. It's nothing but a liberal funded attempt to defeat Trump at November. Niggers are killing other niggerss every single f.....g day, but nothing is done about it. But if a police officer kills a nigger because he is committing a crime (murder, rape, home invasion, etc), then the niggers get all upset and tear down southern monuments. Apparently BLM is a load of BS since they are killing each other. Can we just send them ??

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    Guest Poster
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    My god how I hate niggers,,, guess who I hate even more????? Lowlife white Trash nigger lovers

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    Non N-Person
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    Al Sharpton - the only apexample of the word "sharp" appearing in coonection with niggers.

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    Eye Bleach

    I started watching a bit of the TeeBee recently again and noticed new loads of niggershines propaganda as usual. The ads always depict the opposite of reality as always. Human actors appearing fascinated with"admirable" groids and looking dumbfounded. These ads may appears ridiculous to human adults with functioning brain from earlier generations but slowly prime and conditions a developing child. They almost always use the mixed mutant groids, never a full blown coal black ape from the muddaland. All these coddlers and zoophillic perverts need to be deported to Apefreaka when the human majority had enough.

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    The Color Purple-Drank
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    The only thing close to the ape-pocalyptic stupidity of niggers are libtarded, DIEvershitty-loving coddlers. May every wretched, useless one of them learn The Truth the hard way about their fuzzy-wuzzy, "just like us!" feral pet shit demons.

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    Niggers are a plague.

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