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Thread: Niggers Told to Keep Pants Up, Music Down in Louisiana Town 

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    Dalton Fury
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    Niggers Told to Keep Pants Up, Music Down in Louisiana Town

    Slabbing and playing loud music in your car is illegal in Ville Platte. More than 50 signs are going up around the city reminding residents of the laws.

    "We're trying to bring back respect to the city and also trying to make it a quiet zone because you do owe the citizens of Ville Platte peace and you do owe them respect," Mayor Jennifer Vidrine said.

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    pork (06-18-2012)

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    Oh dear, well have the ooks of Jesse and Al, the nigger agitators on this soon, followed by the POS's of the ACLU and ADL.

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    pork (06-18-2012)

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    Good for Jennifer, hopefully more will follow her example. I particularly hate that pants half down shit. Fucking disgusting habit which many white kids now copy. Also that thing of having the hand down the front holding their dicks makes me sick. These vile bastards then go on to touch things which others have to handle

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