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What six letter word begins with N and ends with R? (Hint: not Nagger)


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  • 08-16-2019
    This appalling crime against human cinema was sold as a horror film. Anything that promotes DIEversity and beastiality certainly belongs in the category.
  • 08-16-2019
    Joel Coddler Harris
    I will NEVER EVER contaminate my eyes/DVD player with this loathsome piece of shit "movie". 'Get Out'? Get the fuck out of here, nigger Jordan "greasy" Peele, more like.
  • 04-03-2017
    Guest Poster
    Typical Hollywood libtards. It's so aggravating, isn't it? Your last sentence, truer words were never spoken!
  • 03-04-2017
    This country is for humans,[ATTACH=CONFIG]161725[/ATTACH]
  • 03-04-2017
  • 03-04-2017
    Guest poster
    Yes i saw the trailer, what a load of jenkem!! they may as well make a movie about a majikal nigger that kills all da ebil YT debils and rides of into the sunset... oh wait! that nigger lover tarantino already did! F*#@ you libtards and your pet apes!
  • 03-04-2017
    Here is the thread on it:
  • 03-04-2017
    Nigs R Garbage

    Get Out!!

    this POS nigger movie where the poor buck is a victim of his evil white girlfriend and her family is just such PC correct garbage that I am puking. You know damn well if the races were reversed. we'd have LA Riot X 1000 Cat 7 Chimpout. I saw this one nigger bitch reviewer tell us that you can't trust white women. When was the last time a white woman murdered someone for some weaves or killed a pregnant sow and cut out her turdlet. Obviously these blithering bags of cucked out liberal scum don't remember OJ killing Nicole or a million other black bucks attacking white women crimes. Niggers are always the predators in real life but turn into angels once they get on TV or the screen

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