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  • 11-20-2020
    Guest Poster

    Once the move in .

    Niggers are like cockroaches . If you see one there are a thousand more . Once they move in its almost impossible to get rid of them . And turn off the lights and they all come out. Nigger the plaque of the Whites.
  • 10-06-2020
    The Confederate
    What is the very worst thing you can call a nigger ? NEIGHBOR !
  • 10-05-2020
    Guest Poster
    We're there's one 30 more will follow . Just like cockroaches. Is am dealing with the same thing . Black cancer .
  • 08-18-2016
    Guest Poster
    burn down rich YT suburb ? daq fuq nigger
  • 08-14-2016
    Guest Poster
    so this is it murica is fuxated beyond repair and niggers and nigger lover everywhere
    the once rich YT suburban exurban rural only a matter of time before its gone
  • 08-14-2016
    Never trust a nigger or a nigger lover.
  • 08-13-2016
    Guest Poster
    its typical nigger buck and sow fambly working shitty nigger jobs nothing majikal
    donno where it gets da munny from just know it got rent all covered at least for one year maybe more
    apefirmative action as always another example of niggers and nigger lovers not having to abide by the same rules as humans. totally fuxup
    is GSDog a good option for them one year or just move d fxck out now and take the loss
  • 08-12-2016
    As far as rules go the niggers or whoever renting to groids will never be punished or held acoontable, but if any of your human friends start from the coontract they'll have the book thrown at them.

    What are the chances these are some high falootin uppity niggers with apefirmative action jobs that pay the rent? Could be a case of majikal nigger.
  • 08-12-2016
    Bleeding Darkness
    Well my friend most of the gubbament wants the U.S.A to stand for the United Sates of Africa, they're basically trying to hand this country of to the filthy shit-beasts and they will amend or break any rules to further that cause and if they don't it's raysis and sheit, so he should sell as fast as humanly possible, and try moving out to the country or a small fishing village.
  • 08-12-2016
    Guest Poster
    typo in the original message
    it should be the house prices in this neighborhood are in the range that could NOT be afforded by most niggers
  • 08-12-2016
    Guest Poster
    the community is brand new 1-2 years old in a up-scale rich YT neighborhood
    no nigger has bought a new house here yet and some of the new houses here are sold into the 7 figure
    if my friend sold his house within one year he can only sell back to the builder and lose money due to penalty clause in the contract
    he wonder how can this have happen niggers are not suppose to live in 7 figure houses with free rent from the gumberment
    isn't there a limit to the section 8 voucher ? its around $4000/m to rent a 7 figure house in this area
    how can the nigger afford that kind of rent ? how much money is the nigger getting from the gumberment ?
    why does the city allow people to rent to niggers but not humans they might as well put in the contract no sell no rent except niggers
    wtf are is this bs
  • 08-12-2016
    Niggers are like tornadoes. ..... It only takes one to ruin a niggerhood.
    Join our team brother!
  • 08-12-2016
    Your friend should have some kind of legal recourse here against the offending niggerlover, or at least the builder should, since he has a contract with the new owner. Not sure if I read your post wrong, but you stated that: "the house prices in this neighborhood are in the range that could be afforded by most niggers". Not sure how that would work in a "rich YT neighborhood", but, if that is the case, your friend should sell as soon as he is able because the niggers are surely coming.
  • 08-12-2016

    New house in rich YT neighborhood fuxated with street nigger fambly

    hi everybody

    a friend of mine recently bought a brand new home in a up-scale rich YT neighborhood and signed a contract with the builder not to sell or rent within one year after the sale date
    he said its a rule setup by the city for all the people who bought the new houses from this builder as its currently building more houses and the city would like to keep the price stable before the construction is finished ( so they said)
    not long after he moved in a greedy neighbor who supposedly bought the house as an investment was able to bypass the city/builders rule for some "shitty" reason and rent out the house to u guess who, thats right nigger fambly !! profit !!
    now the once all new rich-YT community is stained and the one-year no-sell no-rent rule looks more and more like a bullshit scam setup by the city "to intro diversity and multi-culturalism"
    the house prices in this neighborhood are in the range that could be afforded by most niggers and only niggers with big fat section 8 vouchers could afford to rent a brand new house in this rich YT neighborhood damn ***** we are talking about upper long island house price over here
    all the surrounding neighbors including my friend are worried and concerned what will happen in the next year as there is big penalty clause for them to sell (losing money big time) and rent as more forced diversity could be coming their way
    from what he heard its seems a lot of new constructions in many different cities have this bullshit rule now a days for the builder to trap buyers for 1-2 years
    could this turn out to be the latest "diversity and multi-culturalism" scam/scheme/ to ship niggers into rich YT neighborhood ?
    any suggestion is good

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