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  • 09-09-2019
    "Atlanta is the city where "professional African Americans" can prosper."

    And by prosper, it means they can rob, rape, murder, and just generally act like niggers with impunity. If Atlanta is some sort of experiment, then the results are clear, maybe even damning, niggers can only "prosper" in an environment where all semblance of law, order, and structure is lacking, their prosperity is detrimental to civilization.
  • 06-30-2019
    Guest Poster
    ln the middle of one hot, sunshining afternoon in July 2001, l went to aPe-lanta to pick up a D9 caterpillar to haul back to Seattle...the long - shortened... goddamn ! it was DARK out !!! and I could hardly wait to get out. that was the last time I have ever been to aPe-lanta, that is the ONLY time I ever been to aPe-lanta - I will NEVER go back to aPe-lanta, again :

    !!!!!!! E - V - E - R !!!!!!!

    I could hardly wait to get back home and thank me lucky stars above and the heavenly goodness - did it EVER feel good to be, 'safe-at-home' !
  • 06-30-2019

    I feel yur pain from Atlanta,,,

    That was great!!! I enjoyed and also sympathize with you. Atlanta is just like a "Memphis on steroids"....
    I feel your pain.
  • 06-18-2019
    Avoid the Groid
    I don't think I could stay in Apelanta for more than 20 minutes. The smell of nigger would drive me out so fast. Respect that you lasted as long as you did.
  • 06-16-2019
    Guest Poster
    I live in Roswell about 20 minutes outside of Apelanta in a gated apartment complex it used to be a nice safe place to live.There were a few groids sure but mostly white. Fast foward 3 years later and and a change in management now all my neighbors are niggers. The other night the fucking boon upstairs decided to discharge his probably stolen firearm off the balcony a few times at 2:30 in the morning while I was trying to sleep. Called the cops and they showed up knocked on the door then gave up after 5 minutes because he refused to open the door and just left. Guess who I saw the very next day standing out in the parking lot on the way to my car that fucking nigger who probably gets a fucking welfare check and reduced rent living above me standing around drinking canned beer saying nigga and bruh alot into his phone like nothing happened. This state is a joke it's law enforcement is a joke and im moving asap fuck all niggers!
  • 03-25-2019
    I have lived here in Atlanta since 1999. Want to know what pisses me off most? Those times when I absolutely have to drive by one of the many local housing projects were niggers live with either 100% free rent or 90% reduced rent - and seeing all the BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, .... Even Hummers and Range Rovers on occasion! Most of them no older than three or four years. these niggers can afford really nice things while they live on the taxpayers dollar and get free food and free healthcare! I hate niggers everywhere
  • 03-02-2016
    Guest Poster

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Remember the old flick Escape from New York? Thats the Atlanta Ga, of the future, I used to go there alot for business in the 90's and the niggers were kept in SW Atlanta. The "diversity" programs started under Bill "the first nigger president"Clinton. Well here we are in the 21st century and Atlanta is a good example of what happens when you let niggers run your city. Gunfights,drugs, whores, fucked up school system, white girls dating ,getting beaten and murdered by apes, and the list of evil goes on and on. Well in the not too distant future when America is finally broke cities like this,Detoliet,Chimcongo,Monkeywalke and all the rest will have electrified walls, drones etc. to keep the apes penned in.
  • 02-21-2016
    Guest Poster

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Atlanta,city of the apes. Another great American city ruined by you guessed it NIGGERS!
  • 12-01-2015
    Guest Poster

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    This is by far the greatest forum page ever! I thought Niggerbama had all these sites shut down. I live in the northeast Georgia mountains and niggerdom runs rampant here as well. Sorry to disappoint anyone with hopes of this being a nigger free region. However, there is hope. Though there are niggers here, they tend to know their place better than those in more densely nigger populated areas. Basically, I only have to see them. They generally mind their own business because they know these good ole boys won't tolerate that ebonic bullshit!
  • 07-14-2014
    Oh Nigger Please!

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Move.......don't think about it for another second. Move. Get the hell away from the Niggers....Move West
    Montana, ND, SD, WY, ID.
    Leave the nigger cities to the niggers, look what happened to Detroit.
    I my only contact with Apelanta is the airport to and from Florida and the niggitry of the apes that "work" in the concourses is enough for me.
    The only place worse is Minneapolis, with all the fucking Somali's.
  • 07-14-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Wait a goddamn second...
    #4...holding a door for a nigger bitch?

    Not in this fucking lifetime. Let the monkeys stare at the 'pull,' or 'push,' sign while scratching their lice infested burr heads. They can't do what they want to do? Good. Fuck 'em, that means by the time they figure out the door, I'm done and out of fucking Dodge.

    With their rampant thievery and constant attacks of the human races, at the humans' expense, I think I've done more than enough already for the magical niggermonkey.
  • 07-14-2014
    nigga nog

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Niggers are deep every where , Just live within your home and teach your kids. There is no place nigger free, there is no place nigger free, there is no place nigger free. Chimpmania is nigger free Welcome....
  • 07-13-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    I've been to Apelanta a lot. It's full of niggers. Get out!!!
  • 07-13-2014
    Dixie Rules

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    I live in a northern suburb of Apelanta and you are right it sucks! I've already purchased a retirement place away from niggers! If you have to stay for job reasons at least plan your escape as soon as possible. The entire metro area is going downhill due to these beasts! It also has became the coddler capitol of the south as well. Hope you join it's a great site for the truth!
  • 07-13-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Apelanta I want no parts of please get out quick
  • 07-12-2014
    Guest Poster

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

  • 07-11-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    The mountains north of apelanta are nigger free!
  • 07-11-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    OK your a guest here but don't be trying to steal my name and sheeit! A nigga could gets hurt, gnomesayin!
    Just messing with ya, why not join the party and sign up.
  • 07-10-2014
    Guest Poster

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Hi, I sympathize with you. I moved to a county in my state that is practically nigger free as it's more rural here. I've been happy living here because the crime rate is so low, it's a great place to raise your family and feel safe. However, I have to add that last year there was a horrible crime in the major town in this county that had to do with arson. Won't go into all of the details but it was devastating and guess what? Yes, the arson was committed by a nigger! They are <1% of the population here and yet, one of the worst crimes was committed by a nigger. He got some time in prison but I think they should have made the family move back to the city...I can only wish.
  • 07-09-2014
    Tea n Skittles

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Could have called this thread, 20 reasons shit stinks living next to a waste treatment plant.

    It should not have taken you even half those reasons to get the fuck out of there. You are deep inside nigger occupied territory. GET THE FUCK OUT!!

    By whatever means, by whatever it takes. I used to live in a nigger infested city, and I got out the first chance i got. Now I am living nearly nigger free in Texas, where the trees are tall and the ropes are short, and every nigger knows it.
  • 07-09-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    that's 21 reasons niggers suck, we could add 21 more, Apelanta is a nigger pit, BUT there are lots of nice humans there too WELCOME!
  • 07-09-2014
    white devil

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    I lived in Georgia as a child when my dad was still in the Army and I know what you mean. We would go to Apelanta to see the Braves play and the experience was usually ruined by...fucking niggers.
  • 07-09-2014

    Re: I live in Atlanta...

    Sorry to hear that you live in Apelanta.

    I have lived in and around that city before, way back in ancient times, before hip-hop took a shit all over Buckhead, before the Gold Club served its first free handjob to a nigger bakkabawl player, before they destroyed the projects and spread the nigger plague all throughout the surrounding counties prior to the Olympics.

    Even back then, Apelanta sucked, and niggers stank.

    Now, even more so for both.
  • 07-09-2014
    allergic to niggers

    I live in Atlanta...

    Atlanta is the city where "professional African Americans" can prosper. As a result of that bullshit; having a black president has made niggers even more of a self-deserving race. They are already the scum of the earth but now they think that they are educated and successful even though they absolutely can not shed their natural nigger mentality.

    10 reasons to why I hate living in Atlanta (which would be a great city if it was nigger-free):

    1. 60 mph in the fast lane with 5-10 cars passing by you at 80 mph and they act like they have no idea. Fucking niggers.
    2. They have no concept of how a line works in Quiktrip. Fucking niggers.
    3. They use words that they have no idea wtf they mean. fucking niggers.
    4. Hold the door open for a nig bitch and she doesn't even say thank you. fucking niggers.
    5. I do not go to the movies any more because of... Fucking niggers.
    6. They walk 7-8 wide in the mall shoulder to shoulder causing pedestrian traffic in the mall. fucking niggers
    7. They think everybody wants to here their shitty music whether its in at gas station or 2am in a apartment complex when people are sleeping. fucking niggers
    8. They don't realize that their underwear is eye level to children when they are sagging. fucking niggers.
    9. God forbid you get stuck behind a nigger at a fast food restaurant because they want the entire menu described to them taste by taste knowing that they only have enough money for the dollar menu. fucking niggers.
    10. If I go to a restaurant and the waitress/waiter is black then I walk out because I've had more than 10 bad experiences with waitresses that are... Fucking niggers.
    11. If I take my kid to the playground and there are too many blacks there then we leave because even their children act like... fucking niggers
    12. I do not eat at restaurants if the kitchen staff is non-white-Hispanic-Asian-Indian because I want fresh food not yesterdays food you... fucking niggers
    13. Neighborhood pools are forever ruined unless you like ming in weaves because of... fucking niggers
    14. I do not buy chicken at Walmart because most likely it was put on top of the drink machine at the front register because they didn't have any more food stamps and then a few hours later returned to the freezer section because of... fucking niggers.
    15. I do not visit nor take my family to awesome places like: 6 Flags, go kart parks, water parks, or put-put because of... fucking niggers
    16. One of the worst parts about living in Atlanta is seeing beautiful White, Asian, Latina, or even Indian women with... Fucking Niggers (their father must be proud)...
    17. Indians from India have learned how to use deodorant after just a few years of being here but not... Fucking niggers
    18. They speak as if everybody in the room wants to here what they have to say because they are... fucking niggers
    19. The Oreo's try to be white in the office but they can not help the fact that they are naturally and will always be... fucking niggers says the coffee pot empty or the printer asking for more paper.

    20. The most successful countries in the world: America, China, UK, Australia, Russia, ETC. What do they all have in common? They are not majority niggers. So imagine living in a city that is majority... fucking niggers.

    21. Hate em. fucking delete them or put them on a boat idgaf but I'm aspiring to move because of... fucking niggers.

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